January 2004

News From Loree (Sillito) Preete

Loree & I had quite a time getting her whole message through to me. Neither one of us are sure what the problem was, but we think we finally got it licked. Loree is the youngest daughter of Auntie Dorothy & our late Uncle Donald. Here's her news:

"Hi Rena and Clan

I just got home from work and was checking my email when I see the Screamer. I like to read it even though most of the time I can't put a face to the names but I usually know the parents or grandparents.

I am so proud of myself this year, I am about 80% ready for Christmas already, can you imagine it is only the 11th of December. I was at Lynn's for 4 weeks; every year I take holidays from the hospital and go stay and work with Lynn for my Christmas money. It works out great. I think Lynn and I are probably one of the few that can live and work with each other for a month and not end up at each others throat. But maybe you should ask her; she could feel differently (even though I know I am such a gem ha ha).

While I was at Lynn's she got some great news. As most of you know her youngest son Coleman plays goal in hockey. At 6'4", 200+ pounds, with a size 15 skate at the ripe old age of 13, he is really something.

His year started out a little shaky, to say the least. After figuring out that he was as blind as a bat, he got glasses, which definitely made an improvement. But that isn't the good news. The good news is that at the beginning of the season Lynn was trying to find him a pair of goalie skates, but having no luck. She was told that if she had to have them made it would cost her $2000.00. No, I did not put in extra zeros. Because they would have to make a mould first, then the skates, that's why the high cost. Just as it was looking like there was no hope of finding some skates, one of the places she had looked called her to say they had found a pair. Thank goodness.

Lynn, Coleman, Brad & his wife & of course the granddaughter Shae-Lynn are going to Disneyland in March. They are driving down so they can stop at Las Vegas and other places.

Well enough about Lynn, Clay has started a new job in Brooks working with Lynn's son Brad at National Oil. So if things go good, him and his family will be moving over there in the summer. That will leave just me and Kevin in Claresholm . To say we all started here except for Lynn, and Kevin and I are all that's left is kinda weird.

Kevin is still hauling cattle and last I heard was going to put his own truck on with the company he is hauling for. We all wish him the best in this venture. His wife Connie has been really sick with the flu although I haven't talked to her, Mom did and said she sounded really sick.

I don't talk to Wendy much. Her and I never seem to be able to catch each other. She is working at the extended care in Vulcan and it seems that if she is going to work I am just getting home and vice versa. Her boys are busy with hockey and her oldest boy Jordan is graduating this year. Last I heard he wants to be a lawyer. Ya hoo a free lawyer for me ( just kidding)

Well know for my family. Bruce has already put more hours in the snowplow in November than he did all of last year. We have had a terrible time with ice on the highways this year and once you have to use salt on the roads the residue left causes the next snow fall to stick and become ice again. It is a no win situation.

Our oldest boy Bruce is working at DQ and has gotten quite used to having his own money. He also has a ford mustang that is killing him being parked out by the house because he is not 16 until February. He does like his music; he plays bass and drums. Helps keep this mind off the car.

The youngest Steven does not have the taste for money yet so he is playing all his sports. The last volleyball tournament he made 10 consecutive serves to win their second game and force them to have a play off game to which he served the whole game 15 points to win the final game. I missed it of course. I was working in Brooks with Lynn at the auction mart.

I have also come to realize in my old age that I am getting soft. I already had 2 dogs; because of behavioural problems people gave them to me, 2 cats & a turtle. (I like animals as you can tell). Then in November some people we know asked if we could take their 6 month old border collie/blue heeler cross. They weren't home much & the dog needed lots of attention, so why not. After you have a small zoo, what's one more? So now the number of animals in the house outnumber the people. However, I was asked to take a 2 year old male rottweiler & I said, 'No', so I'm getting better. Well, that's about it for now. Love ya & say hi to everyone.


News from Sheila Sillito

I had a nice letter from Sheila at Christmastime with lots of news about her family. Sheila is our sister-in-law; widow of our brother, Woody.

Sheila lives in Magrath & had a big home with a big yard. Last June she sold her home & bought a smaller one with a smaller yard. She says,

"By the end of June I was working on painting & doing a few renovations before we moved in, plus I was trying to sort through all the stuff that just wouldn't fit into a small home. By July I was out of my big home & into my cute little cottage. Then my brother came home for a holiday and we put up a fence, built a deck & cut a new door from the back of the house onto the deck.

After he left, I had a garage built & did more work inside. In the meantime, Tona & Mike had their first baby, a boy, Griffin Michael Harker, born Aug. 15th. Tona had quite a hard birth, but Mike stayed with her night & day, looking after her & the baby. When she finally got home from the hospital, I was over there constantly helping her. She is now fully recovered. Griffin is such a good baby & growing fast.

At the end of August Janice & her family came up for a holiday & to look at property as they want to move back here as soon as they can sell their home.

Then it was back to work with the start of the school year (I just have to walk across the road) & back to working on my little house. I just love it here & truly feel like I've come home.

In November, Dani decided to move to Edmonton with a friend where they are both working for the friend's uncle & renting a basement suite from him. Dani really likes it there & I'm adjusting to living on my own after 35 years of being a mother & looking after my children. It is quite an adjustment but I got called to be the Single Adult Rep in our ward so I'll be going to those things now - I hadn't gone before. I'm looking forward to making friends (we have several single women in our ward around my age who are also empty nesters).

I'm sure Melissa will be writing her usual Christmas letter to catch you up on her family, who are always, busy, busy, busy.

Rhonda is at school for her 2nd year to become a teacher. Isaiah is in french school & is way too smart for an 8 year old. They are both doing great & enjoying life.

Nadean is still at Dunlop Ford & has an excellent career in financing.

Dwayne is still in Vancouver & loves it there. He is working for a company who sells large office equipment.

Well, that's about the news for now.' - Sheila & family."

News from Melissa (Dec. 19/03)

Melissa did send me her annual update on her family. This is her news:

"Merry Christmas everyone! I'm not ready for Christmas and seem to be behind on all my projects, including my cards. Hopefully you will get this on time.

Paden is now almost 16 months old. He is full of mischief, and so much fun. He has a lingo all of his own but jabbers on like everyone should understand him. He loves sports and always has a hockey stick or ball close by. He loves to be outside, rain, sleet or shine. He is a good-natured little tyke and is always on the go. He makes us all smile every day with the funny little things he does.

Emmett is a very grown up Kindergarten boy now. The first day of school I drove all the kids to school. When I told him to wait for me so that I could walk him in to his classroom he replied "No Mom, I don't need ya." Very independent! Of course I couldn't help myself and had to follow behind (just out of his view) to make sure- but he was fine and found his classroom without a problem. He started hockey this year, too. He scored his first goal the night before his birthday, which he was very proud of.

Shelby is in second grade and is becoming a very busy little girl. She is in the Junior Choir at school and in skating again. This year she started Brownies, ballet and piano. She is doing very well in piano and her teacher is encouraging her to sing as well, because she has a clear, beautiful voice. She loves to practice!! (That is very nice for me- I don't have to bug her to do it!) Orrin is in Grade 4. He is in Cubs, piano and his second year of hockey. He is always working out some strategy to improve his game, or inventing a new gadget in his room. He has a great school teacher that encourages him to work on his creative side. He has a very active mind, and wants to figure out things for himself.

Savannah - oh wow! this is her last year of school. It doesn't seem possible. She is looking forward to graduating. She is not sure what she is going to do, but she still has a little time to decide.

I am working 1 day a week for a dentist in Lethbridge. I am on the dental assistant's executive in our area and also on the kindergarten board. I became a Creative Memories Consultant in June and have been busy getting that going.

Rob leased on with Warrick Bros. Trucking out of Calgary last May and has been away a lot more that he had been, but at least he's busy. He bought a new Rubicon Jeep just over a month ago, so now he has a new toy to play with.

I hope that you have a safe and happy holiday!

Love, Melissa

News from Derrol Sillito (Jan. 17/04)

Sending a pre-Screamer email out , asking for news seems to be working. I really appreciate your support.

On Jan 17, 2004, I received the following email from Derrol Sillito (he's the son of Verene & the late Delmar Sillito). For those of you who don't know him, he is a chiropractor working in the states. Here's his news:

"Belinda & I became grandparents (2002-2003). Our eldest daughter, Tiffany, (husband Todd Crabtree), gave birth to a boy, Quinton Todd in Dec. 2002. Our daughter Lacey (husband Brad Nielson) gave birth to a boy Ryker Bradley in Sept. 2003. Our son Daniel's wife, Jenni gave birth to a girl, Jacey Mae two weeks later. Tiffany is expecting again month & we will add another grandson. Being grandparents is great.

Courtney, our youngest is at BYU Idaho. Daniel is at BYU finishing his pre-chiropractic requirements. Lacy & her husband also live in Rexburg where he manages a farm. Brent is working as my assistant & is planning marriage in July. Tiffany & Todd live nearby. That's our news.

Love - Derrol

December 2003

Lester Caleb Doing Fine, Grandson Wins Gold Medal(Oct. 2)

I received the following email on Oct 2/2003 from Wadeís son, Marty:

Hi everyone! This is a general letter to everyone to let you know that Erin and Marty Sillito have moved to Holland (the Netherlands). We have just moved into a new apartment in the university city of Wageningen. If you want to keep in touch with us you can email us (martyleroy@hotmail.com) or send mail to:

Gruttoweide 31 6708 BC, Wageningen

Our phone number to call from the US and Canada is 011-31-317-426-332 (locally is 0317-426-332)

We hope things are going well with you all and hope to hear back from you as soon as possible.

Thanks....Marty & Erin Sillito

[Editor: Marty served his Mission in Holland & is now going to school there & showing his wife, Erin, the country. They are hoping to stay until spring, but may be back in January.]

Tracy Sillito is Expecting (Aug. 8/03)

On Oct. 8, I received the following email from another nephew, Camron Sillito who lives in Tooele, Utah with his wife, Tracy:

Hi there, well I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I'm sorry that I missed you while you were down here.

Anyway I wanted to let you know that Tracy is pregnant! She is due May 20, 2004. Right now she is doing ok, with just some mild morning sickness. We are both very excited and can't wait to have a little one in our lives. Feel free to spread the new.

[Editor: Lloyd & Lola are going to be grandparents another 3 times soon. Besides Camron & Tracyís baby, there will be one from Michelle & Keith & one from Jeremy & Rachel. Boyd (Lloydís twin) & Terry are also expecting another grandchild this year. Banyan & Tina are expecting their 3rd daughter in March, just before Bergan gets home from his Mission. He is serving in Quebec, Canada, has been made a District Leader & has been moved to a French-speaking area.]

Taylor Kunkel's Birthday(Oct. 18)

The following email arrived on Oct. 18 from our family members ďdown underĒ:

To all of our Canadian family and friends!!! Well it's birthday time again,,,,,this time it's Taylor's turn!!!

Our little baby finally hit the double digits and turned TEN yesterday!! She had a fantastic day starting with breakfast in bed, then spoiled with presents then off to the bowling alley for a party with her friends and family, then topped off with her favorite ice cream treat from McDonalds then pizza for dinner!!!

All is well and we wish you were all there!!!!!

We miss you all and we will talk to you sooooon!!

Bunky, Lisa, Jordan, Taylor & Hayley Kunkel

[Editor: Speaking of ďdown underĒ, our daughter Bonnie was given a trip to New Zealand recently. She had the time of her life but came home in a wheelchair with a hairline fracture to her right elbow. I couldnít begin to tell you about her adventures, so Iíll have her type it up for the next Screamer. That will be something to look forward to in the new year. Her elbow is healing nicely & sheís doing well.]

News from Gay (Sillito) Saurwein (Nov 13)
  1. Congratulations to Stephanie Hamilton who graduated with Distinction from the Univ. of Lethbridge this past May. Stephanie is now attending U.B.C. in Vancouver to obtain her Master's Degree. She specializes in Ancient History & Religious Studies. Good work Stephanie!! (Stephanie is the daughter of Rhonda (Martinuk) Hamilton, & Grand - daughter of Aunt Ruby Martinuk.)
  2. Congratulations to twins Jessica & Taylor Sauerwein, who were Baptized & Confirmed Sept. 27 by their father, Jason - (son of Bob & Gay (Sillito) Sauerwein). As part of the service, the twins sang the Primary Baptism song together, & also recited a poem together - real cute! Gay gave the talk on Baptism & also on the Holy Ghost. The service was followed by a family gathering at the home of Jason & Heidi. It certainly was a special day for the twins!!

    Also, congratulations go out to Jessica, who was chosen to receive a $1,000.00 Dance Scholarship at the Dance Academy in Calgary in Sept. The Academy teaches ballet, jazz, & tap dancing, & so far Jessica has participated in both ballet & jazz dancing. The school has approximately 100 - 150 dancers, ranging from young children to adults, & only one dancer is chosen per yr. to receive this Scholarship. They choose a dancer that shows promise, dedication, & a commitment to hard work. Great job Jessica. That's quite an honour!!

    Also, an exciting event happened for the other twin, Taylor, in Nov. He plays hockey in Calgary, & his team was chosen to play a "mini-game" during half-time at one of the Calgary Flames games. This was such a thrill for Taylor!!

  3. Congratulations to Camryn Dee Wojtowicz, who was Christened in Taber on Sept. 28. Camryn is the daughter of Scott & Mandy Wojtowicz & granddaughter of Gary & Judy (Martinuk) Wojtowicz.
  4. Congratulations to Curtis Sauerwein, who was Ordained a Deacon in July by his father, Rob. Curtis is the son of Rob & Cheryl Sauerwein, & grandson of Bob & Gay (Sillito) Sauerwein.
  5. Bob & Gay (Sillito) Sauerwein recently spent almost a month in Europe (Oct./Nov.), visiting Germany, Austria, & England. Bob was born in Germany, coming to Canada at age 9, & had never been back since, so it was a wonderful experience for him. We met 42 members of the Sauerwein family that we had never met before, gathering photos & genealogy. We visited many homes of Sauerwein ancestors, including one where 6 generations of Sauerwein's have lived in, & the 6th is still living there. We toured through many old churches, castles, fortresses, & Roman ruins, some of which were between 2-3,000 yrs. old. Some things we saw were actually before Christ!! We also flew over to England, where I was able to visit my Dad's grave (in Banbury, Eng.) for the first time. (Uncle Roy Sillito). What an awesome experience that was!! I was so impressed to see how well they keep up the war-dead graves. It was a wonderful holiday, & we had such a great time.
  6. Our daughter, Tami (Christopher) Sauerwein, is in charge of all Youth Programs at the Calgary Science Centre. At the first part of Nov., she was chosen to represent the Calgary Science Centre at this year's International Conference for the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) in St. Paul, Minnesota. She was with 3 other top dignitaries from the Science Centre, and was gone for one week. She has such a scientific mind, & it was such an awesome experience for her, and she was so thrilled to be chosen to attend.

Patti Lamb's Girls (Dec.1)

Hey, Rena! Just a note to give you my little familyís bit of news!

The girls had a great year (even if Iím 5 months late in reporting it!) haha!

Little Ali turned 8 years old on April 8th and was baptized by her dad & confirmed by Uncle Rob on April 12, 2003. The people that love her most on both sides of the family were all there! She was quite overcome when she came out of the water (and not just because it was freezing cold)!! What an awesome experience to explain the reason she couldnít stop crying was because she was feeling the Spirit!! She had another burst of it @ bedtime and I felt a noticeable change in the atmosphere in our home for several days after! Unforgettable!!

Both girls did very well in school! We set a goal for 100% attendance at the beginning of the school year and accomplished it - not always an easy thing to do!! Both girls received the ďArtisticĒ award in grades 2 and 4, respectively and Jordi (10 yrs. old in June) received the ďArtisticĒ award for all the elementary grades K - 6!! Very impressive - especially since neither Todd nor I can draw stick men very well!!!

Now that school has started again, my friends tell me Iím the only mom they know that doesnít look forward to them going back!! Probably cuz I enjoy spending time with them in the summer although the time is so short (& I have to share their summer with Daddy, too)!! We headed up to Waterton as often as we could and made some really great memories this summer again!! (p.s. Iím not too old or too fat to ride in a surrey with my girls!) They also had a great time hanging out with Auntie Lynda & Nern (Shari) for a week or so and always go for individual time away from each other for a couple days!! They love it cuz all they have to do is craft & get spoiled - A LOT!!!!!!!! Meanwhile, I get individual time with the other one @ home- itís an awesome set-up!!

Gymnastics has started again and I havenít even bragged about last year yet!! Both girls seem to improve so much every season!! Ali was the only one in her class of 3 levels that perfected the splits last year!!!! And Jordi is such a natural, she definitely has her fatherís athletic ability!! The teachers just keep having her try anything & everything!! They both seem to have leap-frogged over a level both years theyíve participated!! They sure come home tired, and the beds & walls @ home sure get a workout in-between classes while theyíre practising!!

Besides gymnastics, both girls were taking piano lessons last year! Ali just barely got a taste before the teacher moved to Hong Kong and weíll miss her so much!! Jordi took lessons in grades 3 & 4 and the teacher said that sheís excelled much farther/faster than her other students who started lessons when she did, so I guess sheís got a bit of Sillito blood in her veins, too, eh?? Iím proud to say that both girls have ďmusical earsĒ, a feature Iím most proud to have handed down to them as it was handed down to me by my mother!!!!!!!!!! Ali asked me a week or so ago why I always sang what I did (along to the radio/stereo), I explained that that was the harmony, so I catch her trying to sing it now, too!! Hilarious!! Iím just happy she can hear it!!

Other than that, Iím just trying to keep up with it all, the homework, piano, Achievement Days, gymnastics, and multiple callings in the ward! We lost 25% of our ACTIVE ward members in the last 6 months, so not only do we have more than one calling (not counting home/visiting teaching) but we have fairly sizable ones!! Weíre healthy & well and send our love!!! Cheers!!

p.s. Lynda & Shari shaved their heads for a fund-raiser to help a friend with cancer!! They raised $275.00 just for their two heads so Iím not sure how much the entire project brought in!! Jordi was @ their house for a visit & wanted to help out too, but was too young to shave her head, so the girls helped her set up a Kool-aid stand and with Aliís help she raised $75.00!! Not bad for an hourís worth of Kool-aid sales!! It was a very memorable experience!!

Love Patti

News from Kim Malacko (Dec. 5)

I received the following email from Kim Malacko on Dec. 5, 2003. Kim is the daughter of Byron & Nola (Orr) Shurtz & granddaughter of our late Auntie LaVon.

Here is a bit of an update on what our family is doing these days:

Nola and Byron Shurtz:
Mom and dad are busy and in good health. They have performed two exhibition dances lately - one for a fund raiser in Raymond and the other at a granddaughters wedding. I never get tired of seeing them dance. Dad is still working on the road, but is hoping to soon do all his business on-line and by telephone. He was in charge of the family float in the parade this summer and it won first prize. He writes faithfully to his three grandsons on missions. Mom is still singing in the ladies's barbershop chorus, which she loves, but of course, misses Betty. She spends a lot of time and money driving around and baking and housesitting, etc. taking care of and lending support to family and many friends. She also teaches the enrichment lesson in Relief Society.

Tari and Craig Clifton:
Tari is still working at the hospital in Magrath and is the Achievement Day Leader in her ward. Craig is framing in Lethbridge with brother-in-law, Jim and are very busy and in much demand. Their oldest son Scott and wife Christy have two young children. Scott is taking nursing at the College in Lethbridge and also works for Craig part time. Tari's oldest daughter, Andrea, married Jim Strand of Calgary, in August on a yacht in the Vancouver harbour. They are expecting their first child this summer. Kyle (19) is also living in Calgary and currently looking for work and will be starting school there. Tari's daughter Morgan (14) is still at home and involved in sports and shopping.

Kim and Jim Malacko:
Jim is working with Craig in their framing business. He also plays hockey twice a week and is still the Pres. of the Leth. Softball Assoc. He is urrently renovating our home so we can sell and build a new house on the West Side. I am still working at an insurance adjusters office and will be starting back to school part time in January. I teach the 14 to 17 year olds in Sunday School and am also a ward youth missionary. I love both callings. I have had a couple of speaking engagements at NGO meetings and have been asked to run youth workshops at two conferences coming up in Edmonton and Calgary. We are hoping to take a group of young people to Mexico City in March for the World Congress of Families. Our oldest daughter, Ginger, will be attending Harrington Interior School of Design in Chicago in January. She also runs a very successful business creating and selling paper dolls. She is still the permanent UN represent for REAL Women of Canada and just recently ran a youth workshop at a conference in Cardston.

Our oldest son, Adam, is currently living in Vancouver, attending the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts. He has auditioned for roles in two short films and has gotten both parts. The other day he met Sharon Stone on the set of the upcoming Cat Woman movie, and also spent the evening hanging out with Tom Welling (Smallville).

Our second daughter, Kelli, just got married this past Friday in the Cardston Temple to Ryan Olsen of Cardston (son of Roy and Connie Smith Olsen). She has one more semester of school and is currently working at Family Ties in Lethbridge. She was just awarded the Milennium Scholarship. Ryan works on the family farm in Cardston and also in his dad's construction/stucco business.

Our youngest boy, Cody, is currently serving in the Colorado Springs Mission. He has been out in the field since September. He loves it.

Delon and Sue Shurtz:
Delon is still at the Lethbridge Herald and Sue works nights cleaning a dental office and also drives handi-bus every day for the school in Raymond. They have an exchange student from Brazil named Eduardo. Two of their sons are on missions - Darcy serving in Guam and Chris, serving in the Utah Salt Lake City North Mission. Their other children, Tanner, Andrew, Levi and Teagan are involved in all kinds of sports and music, dance and drama productions. An incredibly busy household !!

Danny and Connie Shurtz:
Danny and Connie have two small children, Ben and baby Madison. They are living in Edmonton where Danny is a police officer serving in the downtown area. He won the Fitness Award for new recruits. Connie enjoys cooking and raising children and is very crafty - hobby-wise, I mean.

Anyway, that's about all for now.
The Shurtz family wishes everyone a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.
Love Kim

Email from Ted Sillito(Dec. 7)

Hi Guys-n-Gals;

It's been so long I can't remember when I sent out my last mass e-mail. It seems like the farther I get into retirement the busier I get . But hey, who's complaining, at least I'm busy doing the things I want to do . Much has happened this last six months or so and I'm looking forward to whatever comes my way in 2004.

In the spring Marlise and I took a short trip to Las Vegas. We have been there a few times and it remains one of our favourite places. We know some people there so this time we did the usual touristry things but combined that with a look at how the locals live. It was a bit of an eye opener and very interesting. I spent the better part of last summer (it was much too short) out at the trailer. Got a lot of good photos of the resident birds and squirrels that frequent our feeders and some excellent shots of the outstanding scenery in and around the campground. Due to the forest fires in our area we didn't have too many campfires and the fishing was meagre at best. Did happen to get a few good days in the float tube on Lee Lake, thanks to my sister Judy and her husband Garry's hospitality.

They own a cabin on the lake and let me park there and use their wharf. The fires were a concern to all for most of the summer. Although we were never in immediate danger the winds could have shifted at any time and wiped out our campsites. The fire got to within about 5 km. from us and did manage to get within meters of the highway to the west of us. It was kind of exciting but sometimes very scary and we all came away from it with renewed appreciation of the people who fight these fires. I also attended two reunions; one was for the offspring of my mother and was held at the campground we are at. And the other was for the offspring of my grandfather on my fathers side and was held in Cardston. Both of these reunions are held annually and I always look forward to attending I feel very sorry for families and individuals who don't have them or don't take the opportunity to attend, they will regret it in their senior years .

In Oct. Marlise and I travelled to Chilliwack BC. to attend the 50th. reunion anniversary of the Canadian Forces Engineer Sapper Apprentices. We stayed a week and had a wonderful time re visiting many old military friends and had nice visits with my brother Tyler and my daughter Debby and her family.

In the fall I went on a quest to do some body maintenance on these old bones of mine . Got a new set of dentures (what a radiant smile we have now) , got my ears re-checked (like most of us that joined the forces prior to the use of earplugs my hearing keeps depreciating), and will go get my glasses updated soon. I have also been suffering from a flu like sickness off and on all year and barring nothing else showing up from an upcoming MRI and breathing tests, the diagnosis is a recurring infection in my throat that has turned into chronic bronchitis.

My uncle Floyd and I and sometimes my sister Gay continue to do volunteer entertaining at seniors complexes in and around the city. Uncle Floyd sings and plays the guitar, Gay sings and plays the keyboards and I do readings fo some of my poems and stories. I really enjoy doing this and because it's voluntary it brings on a nice "feel good" feeling. I also recieved an invitation to once again perform at the Taber Cowboy Poetry Festival in Taber on 27 March 2004. It's a single day event and after appearing at both the Pincher Creek and the Taber Cowboy Poetry Festivals last year, in my opinion the Taber festival had better quality entertainers. So if your looking for a day of good entertainment I highly recommend it.

My computer's hard drive passed away this last summer (the funeral was depressing) , thank heavens I had purchased an external hard drive so didn't lose anything but time. My son Rick installed a new one for me and I am just now getting back to where I was before. For those who visit my website my apologies for not updating it for a long time. My problem is the program I use to make changes was lost when my hard drive crashed. I've reinstalled the program but I need Casey to re-configure it. He is coming early for Christmas this year (Dec.15) and will do it then.

Speaking of Christmas, my son Rick and his kids alternate Christmas's with us and his inlaws and this is the inlaws year so he won't be here. And my Daughter and her family will be staying in Abbotsford so the only company I will have is Casey and Sandee. We will however still be hosting our open house on boxing day so anyone whose in the area or wants to make the trip are welcome. It starts at 1:00pm and goes til..... whenever.

Well that's it for now. I hope to get another one of these out shortly after Christmas so till then Marlise and I want to wish all of you the very best, have a wonderful holiday and when you are bombarded with the media circus that Christmas has become, go find a quite place and take a moment to reflect on the true meaning, the celebration of the birth of a very special baby, in a manger, on a clear winters night.


September 2003

News from Australia (July 8, 2003)

Dear family and friends, it has been a while since I have written to some of you so I thought a general information letter would be better than sitting at the computer for 3 days trying to catch up with you all.

It's Tuesday over here and the kids have only just started school holidays, they are off for 2 weeks and already I want to string them up at times, ha. Actually we are really enjoying the break from routine. I'm sure when Bunk gets out of bed in the morning and he fixes up the covers, some times on these cold winter mornings, I'm sure he want's to pull them over my head and hold them there until the struggling stops and there is no movement, haa haa, (no! then he would have to look after the kids, a little joke between us) poor guys having to get up when everyone else is having a sleep in, oh well I guess that is what holidays are for and Sunday's for him.

Bunk went for his first round of golf last Sunday and had a great time although he says his back is sore from it. Jordan went with him to be his caddy and enjoyed it but came home with a throbbing headache. It was really cold and they walked 18 holes, he was happy though as he got paid for caddying.

My sister and her kids are coming down on Friday, so we are all really looking forward to that, the kids have so much fun when they are together and it gives Shaz and I a break when they are playing together.

We are at the end of our financial year and are in the process of trying to accumulate the right documents to start doing our taxes, very scary this year as having our own business for 6 months of it we have no idea how much we have to pay. And when we finally sell our truck (can't bear to talk about that one) we can start on our extension. We just can't wait to have a bigger kitchen area. At the moment we have a tiny kitchen but we are removing half of it and then taking out the wall between there and the room on the opposite side of it and then rearranging it (same cupboards) to make it open plan with an island in the middle and moving our table and chairs in the same room (kitchen dining area) .all sound double dutch hey, you'll have to come over and check it out some day!!!! Anyway needless to say it will be more spacious and we are also getting a dishwasher, oh how we have missed our dishwasher. And in addition to that we will have an extra little area (lounge, computer room) and a bedroom for Bunk and I so that Jordan can have his own room and then the girls can spread out a little. We just can't wait!!!!!!!!

We have been here 2 years in 2 months time, can you believe that??? time really has flown but we really need to spread out now, our family needs are growing and the house must too!!!

The kids have been well, touch wood, only one lot of sickness so far and that was pretty mild so I am so happy with that and just hope they keep going on that way. There is nothing more stressful than sick kids hey, something we can do without.

Anyway amongst Jordieís cubs and rehearsals for the school play and the girls dance lessons and birthday parties life is fairly full, but not as busy as some so I am not complaining and doing great.

Well that is about all from this side of the world for now, we welcome any replies and will write back to each individually with some more news from here.

We are planning on flying Bunk over for a holiday next July, only one year away now. We are saving at the moment and already are getting excited.

Love to all your family and friends and take care and talk to you soon.

Love Bunk, Lisa, Jordan, Taylor and

Hayley. Kunkeloxoxoxoxox

Update: Aug 17/2003

Just a little note to let you all know that Jordan Kunkel has reached that 11 year milestone,,,,,,we had a successful party and lots of pressies and lots of junk food!!! We miss you all very much,


News from Gay (Sillito) Sauerwein (Aug. 8/03)

Sorry I've got soooooo much this time, but we have had a lot going on in our family in the last few mons. So I guess I'll just start at the beginning . . .

  1. May 18-25: - Gay, Aunt Ruby, Ruby's sister Fern (Sillito) Leishman, & Fern's daughter Sharyn, went on a Mother/Daughter holiday to Panorama for 1 wk., staying in a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom Condo. Lots of eating, laughing, shopping, playing cards, watching movies (lots of buttered popcorn of course!!), and a great soak in the Radium Hot Springs. What a great time we had!!
  2. Congratulations to our daughter, Tami (Sauerwein) Christopher, and her husband Kevin, on the birth of Kevin's daughter Jennifer's first baby on April 6 in Concord, California. They named him Jesse (Jr.), after his father Jesse (Sr.). Tami & Kevin flew down for 5 days in June to visit with them & spoil little Jesse. (Oh, oh, - - If this makes Tami a Grandma, what does it make me!!! (NO WAY!!!)
  3. Congratulations to Melissa Sauerwein, daughter of Rob & Cheryl Sauerwein & Grand-Daughter of Bob & Gay (Sillito) Sauerwein, on graduating from early morning Seminary in Cranbrook, B.C. on June 7. Great work Melissa, now you can sleep in a little longer!! Also, congratulations to Melissa on graduating from Cranbrook High School on June 26. Melissa has received many honors & Awards during her school years. Since I'm the Grandma, I get to brag & mention a few. First of all, she has been in the French Immersion Program all the way from Kindergarten through to Grade 12. Midway through her Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony, all Grads in the French Immersion Program were honored separately, which was a nice tribute to them all. Melissa has graduated with a Bilingual Diploma in French. Also, at the end of Grade 12, she received a "Passport to Education" Scholarship, a $575. schlorship towards post-secondary education. Also, Melissa has been on the Honor Roll on EVERY REPORT CARD since Grade 1. Wow! That's quite an achievement!! She won the "Top Mechanics Award" in Grade 11, with a grade of 98%, surpassing all the male students. Way to go Melissa!! She received the "Parkland Medallion" for outstanding Grades throughout her 3 yrs. at Parkland Jr. High School in Cranbrook, and also received an award for top French Student in Grade 9. In both 1999 and 2000, she received the "Award of Excellence", and in 1999, 2000, and 2001, she achieved "Power List Standing", which is an effort list of Distinction. And then to top things off, she played the Trombone in the School Band all the way from Grade 6 through Grade 12. How proud we are of you Melissa, and good luck to you in your future endeavors. (Melissa has been working part-time in a Clinic in Cranbrook the last couple of years, and plans to pursue a career in the medical field.)
  4. The twins (Jessica & Taylor), belonging to Jason & Heidi Sauerwein (son of Gay & Bob), recently celebrated their 8th Birthday with a party they'll never forget. Our daughter, Tami Christopher, works at the Calgary Science Centre as Youth Programs Co-ordinator. She booked the whole Science Centre for the twin's Birthday Party and planned the activities herself, with the help of a few of her teen-aged kids. The Centre was closed to the public, and we had 25 children & 15 adults in attendance. What a blast we had, with the whole place to ourselves!! Tami did such a wonderful job, and we had 5 hrs. of big-time fun. Definitely a party to be remembered. Good job, Tami!!
  5. Jessica (the above mentioned twin), performed in her 3rd annual Ballet/Jazz/Tap Recital in Calgary on June 12 & 14. As usual, it was a wonderful evening with lots of top-notch dancing. Jessica performed in 2 dances - - a ballet, and a jazz dance. Keep on dancing, Jessica!!
  6. Congratulations to our granddaughter, Nichole, daughter of our son Rob & Cheryl Sauerwein, who was recently one of 11 contestants in the Miss Cranbrook Pageant (otherwise known as "Sweetheart of Sam Steele Days Pageant"). Although Nichole was not a winner, she did an absolutely fantastic job in every one of her performances, & was certainly a winner as far as her family was concerned!! Her speech was wonderful, and for the talent portion of the program, she sang a song. She sang perfectly, and we were all so thrilled. The contestants were involved in this program for 5 1/2 mons. before Sam Steele Days began on June 20. (This is Cranbrook's annual Fair & Exhibition). The girls were involved in many community events during this time, and spent many many hours in rehearsals for the Pageant, which was held at the Key West Theatre in Cranbrook on June 20, and kicked off the beginning of "Sam Steele Days". They were also on a float in the parade the next day, and participated in many events during Sam Steele Days. What a wonderful opportunity and a fun time this was for Nichole. The whole thing was such a learning & a growing experience for all the girls. It was wonderful. Bob & I were able to attend the "Coming-Out" Sweetheart Banquet & Ball on April 12, where all the contestants were introduced to the public for the first time. Then, of course, we attended the Pageant itself, which was wonderful, and so beautifully organized. We also attended the Parade the next day. We are so proud of Nichole and her accomplishments. She is a beautiful girl, both inside & out. Good work Nichole, and what will you do with your spare time now that it's all over with??
  7. The Annual Ruby Martinuk Reunion/Campout was held the weekend of July 11-13 at Crowsnest Mountain Resort. (Where we all have our trailers on an annual basis). It was a rather hot weekend, and for a change we were seeking shade, & not sun. We had a great time & got in a lot of visiting. Our Sat. night "Sing-Along" lasted until 11:00 p.m., with Gay & her grand-daughter, Nichole, and her daughter-in-law, Cheryl, singing 3-part harmony, while Gay picked away at her keyboard with only a flashlight to "light the way". What a blast!!
  8. The Annual Gay & Bob Sauerwein Family Campout was held the long weekend in August, & was also at Crowsnest Mountain Resort. This was during the time of the big Forest Fire in the Pass. Our trailers are only about 6 km. from the fire, but luckily the westerly winds kept both the fire and the smoke away from us, and we managed to continue on just fine with our campout. However, it was a very exciting weekend, watching the big water bomber planes & helicopters fly right over us, scooping up water from Crowsnest Lake. At times we felt like we were in a war zone!! Lots of excitement & action, but so scary & sad for residents in the Hillcrest/Blairmore area. Our daughter, Tami, got some awesome shots & video of the fire. Better by far than anything we saw on the media!! Our Resort was not in the danger area, or we would have packed up & gone home. We were fine though, & had a great time.
  9. Congratulations to Scott & Mandy Wojtowicz, son of Gary & Judy (Martinuk) Wojtowicz on the birth of their 3rd child, Camryn Dee, who was born on Aug. 3 in Lethbridge, & eighed in at 8 lbs. 5 ozs. Camryn is a new sister to twins, Lexi and Brock. (Scott is a grandson of Aunt Ruby's). Congratulations to you all, and welcome baby Camryn!!

News From Darren Sillito

Guess what I did at scout camp this weekend? Would you believe I broke my collar bone mountain biking! Anyway a little bad luck means I can't work for awhile. I am hoping to heal fast and have already had a priesthood blessing. Any prayers on our behalf would be greatly appreciated. I hate to share bad news but I thought I would let you know.

We'll stay in touch,


How to Know Your Getting Older

  • Everything hurts. And what doesnít hurt, doesnít work.
  • You feel like the morning after, and you havenít been anywhere.
  • You join the health club and donít go.
  • You need your glasses to find your glasses.
  • Your back goes out more than you do.
  • Your knees buckle but your belt wonít.
  • Your mind makes contracts your body canít meet.
  • Dialing long distance wears you out.
  • Your children begin to look middle aged.
  • The gleam in your eyes is from the sun hitting your bifocals.
  • You look forward to a dull evening.
  • You know all the answers but nobody asks you the questions.
  • You have too much room in the house but not enough in the medicine chest.
  • You stop looking forward to your next birthday ..... but boy, youíre glad when it arrives!

Exercise for Seniors

For those of us getting along in years, here is a little secret for building your arm and shoulder muscles. You might want to adopt this regimen! Three days a week works well. Begin by standing outside behind the house, with a 5-LB. potato sack in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides and hold them there as long as you can, if you can reach a full minute, relax.

After a few weeks, move up to 10-LB. potato sacks and then 50-LB. potato sacks, and finally get to where you can lift a 100 lb. potato sack in each hand and hold your arms straight for more than a full minute.

Next, start putting a couple of potatoes in each of the sacks, but be careful not to overdo it at this level.

June 2003

A Message From Ted Sillito May 25

Hi All!!

Hope, as with me and mine, all is well with you and yours. For those that visit my website; I was hoping to have it updated by now but unfortunately my hard drive is ill so I can't work on it until I take it to computer hospital and it is either cured or buried. Meanwhile I've transferred my internet profile here to my laptop so I'm still able to receive and send e-mails (my e-mail address is still the same). Thank goodness I purchased an external hard drive at Christmas. All my files are on it so even if I have to start all over I'll lose nothing but time. Things have been rather hectic lately, Mar and I and my brothers and sisters have been busy moving my mother from a seniors apartment into a seniors lodge. She is finally settled in and all thatís left is to tie up the loose ends at her old apartment. She is 83 yrs. old and although her health is excellent, her memory is not what it used to be, so for her safety and our peace of mind it was time for the move.

Her new address is:
Ruby Martinuk
E333 Pemmican Lodge
102-5 Ave. So.
Lethbridge, Alberta

I've also been busy trying to get my spring yardwork done so I can head out to the trailer for most of the summer. Mar is out there with my sister Karen this weekend. They are coming back mon and I am going there for the rest of the week. Then next weekend we are going to Calgary to see Casey and Sandee and Rick and the grandkids. Then I'm back home to paint the front of the house and then it's just me, the trailer and the fish for the rest of the summer. If anyone wants to either visit or get hold of me while I'm at the trailer I have a new cell phone number and have set it up with voice mail. The new number is (403)892-4850.

Well got to go fix a couple of gates and cut and weed and feed the grass before I head out to the trailer.

News from Gay Sillito (Sauerwein)

  1. Well, we "bit the bullet" this winter, and decided to stay home from Arizona. Good thing it was a mild winter!! Actually, we did manage to get down there for a very short visit of a few days, but that was all for this winter. In Feb. we drove down to Las Vegas for a week and then down to Mesa, Arizona for a few days to visit with our friends that we usually winter with. We had a great visit with them, but too short. On the way home, we stopped for a couple of days in Salt Lake & saw the new "Legacy" film at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was great, and we really enjoyed it. We also managed to get away in September for a 10 day trip to Vancouver/Victoria. It was a beautiful trip. When we left the fall colors were just coming out, but on the way home they were at their fullest, and it was so beautiful all the way.
  2. Ted and Marlise also took a 1-week trip down to Las Vegas the first week in March. Seems like a lot of our family members are headed that way recently. Karen's daughter Linda, and her husband Ken went down in Feb., our son Mike & his wife Kelly are going in May, and also my sister Judy's son Shaun & his wife Karen are going in May.
  3. Ted and Uncle Floyd did their "thing" again at another "Cowboy Poetry" Festival. Last time they went to Pincher Creek, and this time it was in Taber on Mar. 29. They share the same "time-slot", with Ted reading some of his writings, and Uncle Floyd singing. They do some numbers separately, and some together. I didn't get to see them, as I was in Calgary that weekend, but I heard they did an awesome job. Also, Uncle Floyd was singing locally on T.V. in Lethbridge recently, plus we also enjoyed seeing Donna & LeRoy on the Tommy Hunter Special. They looked great, and it was so nice to see them, as it's been a while. Hope you all caught it. They both looked happy and healthy.
  4. My sister Karen (Sillito) Smart's husband Tom had heart surgery a couple of months back, and had 4 stints inserted. He has recovered well, and is now back to work and doing great.
  5. Our grandson, Taylor, (one of our son Jason & his wife Heidi's twins), was in the Children's Hospital in Calgary for 4 days in March. He had a lump on the back of his neck, which was so painful he couldn't hold up his head. Several Drs. & Specialists checked him over, and had a hard time determining what it was and what caused it. Finally they did a CAT Scan and determined that it was a Bacterial Abscess. After 4 days of pumping antibiotics into him through I.V., it finally started to go down, so they didn't have to perform surgery. He is doing just fine now, but what caused it is still unknown. They just said that sometimes bacteria just goes crazy and does weird things. Hopefully it will not re-occur. His twin sister, Jessica was most upset, and spent most of the time in the hospital with him. They are age 7 yrs. now, and of course very close, as twins are.
  6. Congratulations go out to Ken and Linda Pickering, who celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary in Lethbridge on March 8. Linda is the daughter of Karen (Sillito) Smart, and granddaughter of Aunt Ruby. A gathering was held at the College in Lethbridge, where Ken and Linda renewed their vows. A lovely supper was served, followed by a dance. It was most exciting, as ALL of their original Bridal Party were there, right down to the ring-bearers and flower girls. The M.C. for the evening was even the same, and also the Reverend who married them was there to perform the renewal of vows. It was a wonderful evening, and we all had a great time.
  7. All 6 members of our family who have our trailers on an annual basis in the Crowsnest Pass are getting more than anxious to "get back to nature" and enjoy some camping. Marlise and Karen have gone out to their trailers a few times during the winter, as it has been so mild. We should all be starting up again for the summer around mid May, and we are all very anxious for the weather to warm up. Aunt Ruby (now age 83) is still in good enough health to come camping with us, and she really enjoys it. She just goes from one trailer to the other all summer long!! Our trailers are all very well equipped with all the "comforts of home", so she is quite comfortable camping, (if you can call it that!!). Anyway, we sure do enjoy it, and have a lot of fun together as a family. Well, that's about it for this time. Love to you all, and we're looking forward to seeing you all in Cardston at the Reunion.
  8. News from Eileen (Kunkel) Barton (April 11, 2003)

    Do you remember when we lived in Rosemary and used to cross on the Steveville Ferry and have picnics in the Badlands? Well we live in Wardlow which is just about 10 miles north from there. Wardlow has a population of about 65 people. We bought the general store, which is attached to our house. Maybe when we retire, we will open the store, but for now it is a store(age) room.

    Bryon is about 5 minutes from work and I am 25 minutes from work, so I'm the one that does the driving. We are 30 minutes from Rosemary and 35 minutes from Brooks. I really don't mind the drive. Last week we had snow, ice and good old mud so now I know what my cut-off road is like to drive.

    Our new phone # is 566-2599 and our address is:
    Box 29,
    Wardlow, AB
    T0J 3M0.

    I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving so that we can have the family home for it and still have lots of room.

    Love, Eileen

    News from Jackie (Johnson) Hirseson (April 14, 2003)

    Howdy! How are you? We are all well....busy, but well. It is sure a lot different having 2 children versus 1. Although I wouldn't change it for anything.

    Things are slowly returning to a routine. I am back to work with my Day Home now. I just have 2 part-time girls right now. Starting May 1, I get 2 more part-times. The money is nice to have, but it is a little HAIRY!!!!!!!

    Duane's work is busy, but he's still working decent hours so he can be home to see the kids. I think when he comes home to a housefull of children, he wishes sometimes that he did work a bit later.

    Anson is sure getting big. I can't believe he will be 3 in May. WOW!!!!! He talks a mile a minute. He loves Jada to death. He likes to take care of her and runs to her everytime she cries. He tells her he loves her "so much." It's really sweet.

    Jada is sprouting right before our eyes. She does something new almost every day. She's lost almost all of her beautiful hair now. She loves attention and loves being talked to. She smiles back and cooes when talked to....a real visitor.

    We are all looking forward to summer. It will be nice to spend more time outside and not have to bundle up. This summer is going to be a busy one for us, so I hope we are able to enjoy it and it doesn't go too fast.

    Take care, say Hi to everyone ,

    Love Jackie, Duane, Anson and Jada

    April 2003

    Our Christmas Letter From Melissa & Rob Hoy

    Once again, Melissa sent a nice Christmas letter letting us know what their family have been doing during 2002. Following is her letter:

    "Another year has come and gone. Each year time seems to fly even faster than the year before.

    The biggest change in our lives this past year has been the addition of our beautiful baby, Paden. Even though he is only a few months old, he has brought us all much joy and happiness. It is wonderful to watch each of our kids play with him and take care of him and love him to pieces.

    Emmett is 5 now and eagerly looking forward to the day he starts Kindergarten. He thinks that now that he has had a birthday he should be in school; why should he have to wait until September? He takes skating and practices his hockey skills with Orrin in our driveway. He loves sports of any kind.

    Shelby is in grade 1. She is in the Elementary Junior Choir. It is so fun to watch her sing. She puts her whole heart into it. She is still taking clogging. She loves to perform - singing, dancing, or whatever.

    Orrin turned 8 this year and started Cubs. He already has 6 badges and is working on several more. He is also playing hockey and taking piano lessons and really catches on quickly. Orrin is in grade 3 this year.

    Savannah got a job this past summer at the Magrath Trading Company in the grocery department. She works part-time after school and on Saturdays. She is in grade 11 this year.

    I guess thatís about it for the quick update on our kids."

    Love- Rob, Melissa, Savannah, Orrin, Shelby, Emmett & Paden.

    Email From Bonnie

    The following email came from our daughter, Bonnie: "I am in the process of taking an Accounting Certificate at Bow Valley College in Calgary. I get off work at 5:00 pm and start school at 5:30 and go to 8:00 pm. I have been working hard so that I can finish it off by the end of June. I have taken 5 courses so far and received as my final marks, 99% in one, and 100% in all the rest. Needless to say I am very pleased with how things are going. After I finish the certificate, I am going to go on into higher levels of accounting. I may also get a business administrators certificate also as I will only need a few more courses than the ones I will have for the accounting one.

    Spencer has made it on the honour roll again for the first reporting period in grade 9. Katrina has made the roll of merit for her first reporting period in grade 8. Tatiana is in grade 5 in elementary school and she too is getting very good grades, (just different marking system).

    Spencer has been accepted into the International Baccalaureate Program for his high school years. That will mean a lot of extra work, he had to make a commitment to it. Not only does his marks have to be a certain % level he is required to take particular courses. Along with that he has to do things like, participate in an unpaid sports, he has to do community service, special research projects, he will be very busy. When he is finished grade 12 though, he will have some university experience behind him. I am very proud of him for applying for this position and then being accepted into the program.

    Email from from Karen Kunkel (Dec. 11, 2002)

    I received the following email on Dec. 11, 2002 from Karen Kunkel (wife of Jason, who is the son of Larry & Rae Marie)

    "Hello Rena: this is Karen, we received your Screamer via Leslie, it was good to hear that everyone is doing well. We are still living in New Mexico. We get to see Leslie on a regular basis. Jason started a new career in the oilfield and is home about every night. The kids love him being at home instead of driving over the road. He works for Schlumberger Technology.

    The kids are all doing very good in school. Walkara was baptized by his grandpa not long ago, when they came down from up there.

    Jason got back from elk hunting last night and was very excited about getting his first New Mexico elk. Well that's all for now. Take care.

    Love - Jason, Karen, Ammon, Walkara and Kiwanna Kunkel (Editorís Note - Leslie is Jasonís twin sister)

    Email from Loree Preete (Dec. 28, 2002)

    The following email came from Loree Preete on Dec. 28, 2002. Loree is the daughter of Auntie Dorothy & the late Uncle Donald.

    "Hey Rena, guess who got a computer. You got it. How are you doing? Are you keeping warm. I can't believe this winter it is unbelievable I need snow and not just this skiff we got yesterday. I mean SNOW up to my knees snow.

    All is well with us everyone has been pretty busy, with their kids, jobs and such. It is great having this little gadget. I talk to Rick (Anderson) all the time. We have the best talks.

    Some of us had Christmas at Lynn's (we always have it at Lynn's) sorry for her. It was Great! Kevin wasn't there his boys where coming home for Christmas and mom went to his house, but the rest of us were at Lynn's. There was still 22 of us. I love Christmas. Lynn and I are singing New Years eve in Vauxhall and the Legion so I will be turning around on Sunday and going back to her house even though we just got home yesterday but I had to work here last night. It is our first job back at singing since Lynn had her accident so I hope she will be alright. Loud noises really bother her now and her neck is always sore so I hope she will be alright. Needless to say we need some practice. Well speaking of practice I better go do some or my fingers will never survive thenight. Love ya and hope to hear from you soon- Loree"

    I received another message from Loree on Jan. 11, 2003. "Hi Rena: New Years was great and my fingers did survive although I was starting to wonder around the second set but they must of went numb after that cause they didn't bother me the rest of the night. Lynn was o.k.. and we got a couple of more jobs out of it we are thinking we might start doing it again on a part time bases.

    My youngest son Steven had a basketball tournament in Cardston today so we called Uncle Weldon and you know he had to be there. It was great to see him and he was very glad that I had called. He likes his sports and it doesn't seem to matter what it is. When the summer games were in Cardston I was coaching a soccer team and he came and watched that too and when we have ball games in his town he is there for them too . Well better go we just got back from the tournament and haven't had supper yet and it looks like I've been voted to cook it again for the 18th year in a row.

    See ya soon say hi to everyone Love Loree"

    Email from Ted Sillito (Jan. 5, 2003)

    "Hi All; Well as I ease these tired old bones into 2003 many thoughts race through what is left of my mind. This past year was eventful and will not easily be filed into oblivion.

    It started with the passing of my daughter-in-law Karyn as she yielded to the ravishes of cancer. Her dignity, humour and courage through her final months will stay with me forever.

    I retired (fully this time) in early summer and spent the rest of the summer vegging at my trailer in the Crowsnest Pass. As I have been working full time since I was sixteen years old, I wondered how I would accept full retirement and if I would find enough to do. My analysis............retirement will not be a problem ;-) !! My wife Marlise surprised me with a weeklong celebration of my sixtieth birthday in Nov. She flew in my daughter Debby and her youngest son Tristan, organized a surprise visit from my best bud Billy Bohn and his wife Grace and threw a surprise party with friends and family (now I remember why I love her so much).

    I was graced and blessed, for the first time in awhile, with the company of two thirds of my immediate family (my oldest son Rick and his two kids Brittney and Patrick and my youngest son Casey and his girlfriend Sandee) over the Christmas holidays. It was nice having them home again and we had a good visit.

    I got a 60 gig external hard drive for Christmas and have been busy putting all my files and games on it. This freed up about 10 gigs on my desktop PC and about 5 gigs on my laptop so now working between my laptop and desktop will be much easier as the external is recognized by both.

    So now that the dust is settled and everything is getting back to as normal as it gets, I just have to get my car and me in for a few repairs, wait for the fish to call , and then it's back to the trailer and into the belly boat for the summer (what a tough life) :-P !!

    As I was adding all the addresses to this e-mail it once again occurred to me how fortunate and blessed Marlise and I are to have amassed so many friends and such a large family. Each and everyone of you remain on our minds and in our hearts. So I hope all of you had as good a holiday as we did and Marlise and I wish all of you the best in the coming year. - Ted Sillito

    Email from Ron Hancock (Jan. 29, 2003)

    I received the following email from Ron Hancock on Jan. 29, 2003. "Rena:

    At this time I would like to thank you and other family members for your help and support during the past year. It was the most difficult and trying time of my life. However the Lord has truly blest me in so many ways. I was blest with a good family who loved and supported me through a very difficult time. He has now blest me with a special companion who has agreed to be my wife during the coming year.

    If I could reverse time and undo the past I would. Betty and I had so many plans and dreams we wanted to do. We shared something special that will remain a part of me forever. With her death many of these hopes and dreams were gone and I was left empty. Little things like going to a movie suddenly became no longer fun when I was going alone. Unfortunately we cannot relive the past and time has way of catching up with us.

    In early December I began to date a very close old friend from Hi School Days, Deanne Jensen Kindt. When I was in school we enjoyed a very close relationship which ended when I graduated and moved to Pincher Creek to work. When Betty and I moved to Raymond she become a close friend of Betty's. We have found joy and comfort in each other's companionship and fell in love all over again. Deanne and I will be married for time only in the Cardston Alberta Temple, February 14th, at 2:30 pm. A wedding reception will follow at 5:30 pm in the Raymond Taylor Street Chapel.

    We invite all family members to join with us on this day and give us your support.

    I have attached for you a copy of an article I recently wrote for the Church News, which better tells of the Lordís hand in my life during the past year.

    Love Ron and Brody Hancock

    Ron Hancock's article for the Church News (see previous story)

    This is Ronís article:

    When Something Bad Happens, You Find Out How Strong Your Testimony Is The year 2002 was a very difficult and trying time in my life. During that year I lost my mother and then my sweetheart and best friend within a few months of each other. The experience was devastating. In the September 7th issue of the Church News my eyes caught on an article in bold caption which pierced my very soul as if in answer to my prayers. When something bad happens, you find out how strong your testimony is, if you believe in the Atonement - and find out you do. It was as if it were an answer to my own prayers and feelings of doubt and inadequacy.

    It was May of 1959, when I first met my future sweetheart and best friend, Betty. We fell in love at first sight. For the next 43 years we found eternal companionship and love in each otherís presence. Betty at that time was recovering from a historic first open-heart operation to repair damaged valves in her heart. In 1957 she was given only a few months to live, but through the faith and prayers of her family and church members she survived one of the first operations of its kind. However we always knew that someday she would have to go through this operation again. Over the next intervening years she helped to put her husband through university, and raise two boys and a girl. The youngest (Brody) is presently 13.

    In January of 2000, Betty was diagnosed with colon cancer. However her heart was now too weak to withstand such an operation and treatment. It was determined that she needed an emergency heart operation to replace the damaged heart valve, followed by an operation, which resulted in the removal of her colon. Both operations went very well and she quickly recovered. At Christmas in 2001 she said that she felt healthier than she had felt in years. In early January this optimism came suddenly to a crashing end. On January the 8th her doctor discovered a small 2-centimeter tumor developing near her ovaries and she was referred to the specialist in Calgary who had originally operated on her two years previously.

    Our family exercised a great deal of fasting faith and prayers on her behave. She was given numerous blessings and visits of support from members of her family and elders of the church. Each time a blessing was given, she was told to be faithful and accept the Lordís will while in her affliction. As I think back now, at no time was she promised a complete recovery? She had a complete trust in the Lord and in His judgment and remained strong in her conviction that she would get well.

    Over the next two months we watched as her tumor grew from 2cm to 10cm. It was not until her March 21st visit with her surgeon that we become alarmed that something was not going right when her surgeon asked himself out loud, "Why havenít we operated before this?" Her surgeon now considered the tumor as an emergency and set an appointment for her to be examined at the Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary on March 28th.

    The following day she felt an urgent need to visit her children in Edmonton and a quick trip to Edmonton, 6 hours drive away, was undertaken. On the return trip from Edmonton she was in extreme pain. The next day she was admitted to hospital in Raymond. This was the last time she was to meet with family members under normal circumstances. Bettyís spirits remained high but she expressed her faith in the Lord and a willingness to accept His will. Her greatest desire was to live long enough to see that her son Brody graduated from High School and go on a mission.

    On March 28th Betty was taken by ambulance to the Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary for an examination and a date for an operation was set. She was returned by ambulance to the Raymond Hospital, later that day. Later that evening, after we had returned from the Baker Cancer Centre, I received an urgent message from the Raymond Hospital asking me to come to the hospital immediately. My first thought was for Betty. However I soon found out that my mother was near death was not expected to live. Mom and I had talked about her death wishes and funeral arrangements a number of times. Mom was 83 and suffered from dementia and severe pain in her legs. It was her wish to die at this time. I stayed with mom to comfort her and see that her wishes were adhered to.

    At 1:30 in the morning I went home to see how our young son, Brody was doing. I then went to my room and knelt in prayer to petition the Lord to grant the two most important women in my life their wish. One wanted to die and the other wanted to live. As I knelt in prayer a sudden feeling of depression came over me and an impression that the Lord needed both. It was as though my whole body was enwrapped in a deep mist of darkness, one that I could not shake off. Over the next 30 minutes I pleaded with the Lord to spare my wife and let her have her desire. As I got up from prayer the phone rang with the news that my mother had died and returned to her heavenly maker. A funeral home was called and I went into my sweetheartís hospital room to advise her of my motherís death. We both joined in prayer to ask the Lord for comfort and a blessing on Betty.

    Over the next few days I was preoccupied with contacting family members and funeral arrangements. Every night I petitioned the Lord to spare my wife, but each time the impression got stronger that Betty would soon be taken also. I tried to deny it in hopes that this impression was a figment of my imagination. But it would not go away. On the evening after my motherís funeral, while I was in prayer, I again received an impression that Betty was going to die soon, but this time it was stronger than ever before. There was no mistaking it this time, the Lord had clearly answered my prayer and I could not deny it. I did not like the answer I was given. I was devastated and refused to believe this was happening. I pleaded with the Lord that I was not strong enough to lose the two women I loved more than anything else, in such a short period of time. Our son Brody needed his mother, and so did I. How could He be doing this to me? Why had the Lord abandoned me? I could not accept no at this time.

    The next day Betty was transferred to the Foothills Hospital in Calgary. On April 5th Betty was operated on. After the operation her surgeon informed me that our worse fears were realized. The cancer had spread to her liver and other organs in her body and to remove it surgically would be life threatening. He did not know how long she would live, but if the cancer kept spreading at the current rate it was now growing, she did not have much time left to live. To try to stabilize her the best option was to try chemotherapy, but before this could be done she had to regain some strength in her body. I was devastated and angry. Angry at the doctors who delayed treatment until it was too late. I was angry at the Lord for taking my best friend and loving companion. I went days where I found it difficult to pray. Why go to the Lord when I already know what his answer would be? Why hadnít our prayers and petitions been answered more positively? Why is He doing this to my boy and me? I loved Betty more than myself. Why couldnít he take me instead? What had I done wrong to deserve this? I felt alone and abandoned. I had a lot of questions and no answers.

    Through all this I maintained an outward appearance of strength when on the inside I was falling apart. I had to be strong for Betty and my son Brody, but I didnít feel strong on the inside. Few saw what was going on inside of me, because I would not let them in. My whole world seemed to be falling apart. My loving companion seemed to sense something was wrong because of my silence. One morning when I arrived to visit with her just before she was to be transferred to the Lethbridge Regional Hospital from Calgary, to receive her chemotherapy, I found her in tears. We wrapped our arms around each other and just held onto each other. Betty told me that she spent much of the night in prayer and talking to the Lord. She asked Him to give her just 5 more years to raise her boy and then she would go willingly. But she was prepared to accept what ever He gave her. She received a very spiritual experience that night. She felt the Lord saying to her to be of comfort. He would send another to build upon what she had started and that her boy would be all right. He would grow to be a strong young man and be called to go on a mission and that her companion would be supported and uplifted through it all. The Lord would be there when they needed Him.

    From that moment on Betty grew stronger in her affliction. She was a source of strength to her roommates and medical staff. Although her body grew increasingly weaker and her pain increased daily, requiring more and more painkiller, her moral strength increased day by day. She asked me to bring her craft kit and she made dream catchers for each of her roommates in whichever hospital she was in. The tears came to my eyes one afternoon at the Lethbridge Regional Hospital when she was being sent home for a few days. Each nurse gave her a big hug and with tears thanked her for the courage she had given them. They had received more from her than they could ever give back. They tearfully gave her a beaded bracelet, which they had lovingly made and asked her to remember them when she returned to her eternal father who she loved.

    A special moment to her was the day her elderly father of 95 came to her room and gave her a fatherís blessing. Another special moment was a visit from her younger brother, Roger and his family, who entertained Betty her roommates and hospital staff with the music she loved so much. The next morning she went down to the central hall of the hospital. Off to one side was a piano. Betty sat down at the piano and played from memory all the old songs she new so well. Music was a major part of her life. Visitors to the hospital and cleaning staff crowded around her and silently listened to her play the music she loved so well. This was the last time she was well enough to play her beloved piano.

    She grew stronger in her love for the Lord and Jesus Christ. She trusted him completely. Her love was infectious. Slowly I found the spirit of the Lord entering my own self and willingness to accept His judgment and trust Him. We talked about many things. She urged me to be strong for Brody and trust that the Lord would help and support us. She knew that somewhere I would find another helpmate to share my life with and build a life for Brody and I. She said donít be afraid. She was going on a long journey, which I could not go with her on. But she would always be by our side and we would be together again as an eternal family someday. She said trust the Lord and he will provide.

    Betty was in communication with heavenly beings. On July 1st as I visited with her she kept asking me, "Ron who are these people around my bed?" I looked around and no one was there. She repeated this question a number of times. Finally she said, "Ron, will you go outside and walk around for a little while? I have to talk to these people alone. I walked around outside for about an hour before returning to her room. I was very shaken up and had a hard time controlling my feelings. I prayed to the Lord to request His help and strength. I was numb all over and could find no peace for my soul. I only wanted to be with her. When I returned to her room our daughter Deanne came to visit her mother. We embraced each other and found console in each other. Nothing was further said about her visitors in the room, so I presumed they were gone.

    Two days latter on July 3rd I was advised by the hospital that I should contact all family members to advise them that death was near. Brothers Ralph, Larry and Lloyd visited her during the day. Sister Eileen and cousin Rena and Aunts Bertha and Tod (Donna) visited with her for a while. Betty talked by phone to her sister Donna in Utah and then our son Joe, who lives in Edmonton. She told him how much she loved him and appreciated him. Daughter Deanne then spent some time alone with her mother to express her love. Brody, our youngest, followed this. When I looked in some time latter, he was up on the bed wrapped in his motherís arms, tears falling down the cheeks of both. He said, "She talked to me." Latter that evening I put my hands upon the head of my loving wife to give her a Priesthood blessing and released her from the cares of this world. This was the hardest and most difficult thing I have ever done. Betty then lapsed into a deep sleep. When she awoke a little latter she lay there starring at the doorway to her room with a smile on her face as if there were someone or something there she knew. The last thing she said was, "Thatís nice". She then lapsed further into a deep sleep.

    I stayed up with her throughout the night, with a nursesí help, to comfort her. Several times we though she would die at any moment. At 8:30 am, I was relieved in my watch by Bettyís brother Ralph. Betty was sleeping peacefully now and I decided to go home and get some sleep. At 9:15, Ralph phoned and advised me to return immediately. When I arrived at the hospital Betty had just died a few seconds before I arrived and her spirit had left the body. As I stood there looking at her, all I could see was a body. A body without life, without the spirit which gave it life. My wife, my sweetheart and best friend was gone. No matter how much I had prepared for this day, I was still not ready for it. I was now alone, empty and very lonely and very much afraid. I didnít know what would now come of me without her. All our plans for the future raced through my mind and I knew that they were not now going to be.

    After the funeral and everyone had gone home I become very depressed and lonely. I become overly protective of Brody and resented the time he spent away from home with his friends. Outwardly I appeared a pillar of strength, but inside I was tore apart and a bundle of emotions. Slowly through fasting and prayer I began to get my life back in order and trust the Lord as I had never before. I found great comfort and strength in the temple and attended as often as I could. I prayed for strength, power of discernment, help to increase my testimony and for guidance as I planned for a future for Brody and I.

    When the September 7th issue of the Church News arrived. I opened it and immediately my eyes focused upon the bold print on page 5 which read, "When Something bad happens, you find out how strong your testimony is, if you believe in the Atonement - and you find out you do." Tears came to my eyes. It was an answer to my prayers. A burning desire came over me to evaluate my testimony. What was it built upon, sand or on a rock? I mentally listed all the things the Lord has given me; the bounties of life, a loving home and family and the many times he has given me guidance and help in the past. I prayed for strength and forgiveness for my sins and weaknesses. Most importantly I realized that because of the atonement of Jesus Christ I can be forgiven of my sins and weaknesses and receive strength to go forward and do the things the Lord has set out for me to achieve his purpose. D&C 76:41-42 "And He came into the world, even Jesus Christ, to be crucified for the world and to bear the sins of the world, and to sanctify the world, and to cleanse it from all unrighteousness; that through Him all might be saved who the Father had put into his power and made by him" began to take on new meaning. I prayed for direction and inspiration to achieve the goals in life I had set out to do.

    Betty and I had always planned to go on a mission when Brody was ready to go on his. Suddenly I was alone without a partner and no longer able to do this. I asked the Lord to open up a way that I could do this. His answered was simple, be patient. Trust me. I expressed my love for the Lord and for the Saviorís example. My life has begun to take on a whole new meaning. I no longer doubted the Lord, but looked forward to the future and accepting of whatever trial he may place before me.

    In December, just before Christmas, I met someone special, whom I have come to love very much. Suddenly Bettyís words took on a whole new meaning, when she said the Lord would send another helpmate to be with you and give strength. I now know that Lord is mindful of my needs and of the importance he is in my life. My testimony is built upon a rock and I believe in the Atonement and itís importance in my life. I have developed a deep love and appreciation for the Lord. I now can truly say that I am happy because I am proud to be me and of the things I am doing. I can now look forward to the future with faith in myself and my own worth in the sight of the Lord. I truly now believe as Nephi of old: "I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them." (Nephi 1:7) Ron Hancock

    Email from Wendy (Michaelís wife) (Mar. 24th)

    Our daughter-in-law, Wendy (Michaelís wife) sent me an email Mar. 24th with Screamer news.

    "I have completed my basic computer course also completed a Word Perfect level 1 course & I also received a 5 years of service award from Cardinal. Iím loving my job as a receptionist @ Cardinal . Amber got an Award of Merit at school. She is doing well in Grade 7. She got the award with a 79% Average. Way to go Amber! KC, who is in grade 1, had a good report card. She got mostly 1ís & 2's. Her teacher says she is doing exceptionally well & is one of the best readers in class.

    Carla got a promotion at work. They offered her Assistant Manager position she is also attending school at night & is upgrading her marks as she is enrolled in university in September & is going to study to be a dental hygienist. Way to go Carla!

    'Doc' Wade Sillito Retiring

    As most of you know, my brother, Wade Sillito (Doc) has been a chiropractor for 33 years. His S.T.A.R. Clinic in Lethbridge has been successful & his son, Darren, who is also a chiropractor has been practising with him since he graduated. Another son, Jeff, has been working as a massage therapist out of the same clinic.

    On Mar. 13th I received an email from Wade that nearly bowled me over. Itís a good thing I was sitting down. Following if part of that email that he sent:

    " Darren and I are in the middle of some big changes here at the STAR Clinic.

    Effective the end of this month, March, 2003, I will be retiring from Chiropractic and passing all of my patient load onto Dr. Darren. Although we hadn't planned on making this transition for another year or so, there have been a number of recent circumstances which make now the right time for the move.

    Darren has the opportunity right now (within the month) of merging the STAR Clinic with the Southern Chiropractic Clinic ( who are right now expanding and would like him to join them). That will put 5 Chiropractors in the one Clinic and significantly reduce each Practitioner's overhead. If Darren does not take this opportunity now, and waits a year or so for me to leave, he will be left with this huge Clinic.....huge overhead.....and a lot of Chiropractic tables and equipment that he would not need. He had already planned to move this Clinic when I retired. Also, Jeff is only practicing Massage part time now and will be moving to another location.

    My biggest concern in making this decision was that the best interests of Darren and Jeff were taken care of. Making this move now will give Darren a bigger patient load, less expenses than if he took over this Clinic, and he will be practicing with other young Chiropractors in a progressive environment.

    Jeff plans to work part time in the security system of the Court House along with his massage. Since both Darren and Jeff are comfortable with this new move, I believe it is the right time for it.

    As for me, I may just sneak into Ted's favorite fishing hole for about a month. I can't begin to imagine what it will be like not to be in Chiropractic, after practicing for 33 years. But I certainly won't sit still.

    This past year while promoting the Borderline Band I met some people from the Tourism Industry who encouraged me to look into working with them in some capacity once I retired. I have had recent contact with them and it looks like there are things out there in the marketing, promotions, and hospitality areas that I may find interesting to work with."

    (Editor - I had a call from Wade yesterday, Mar. 24th & his retirement has started a week early. They managed to get the equipment packed up & moved last weekend, so he is now an official retiree.)

    November 2002

    Email From Leslie Kunkel

    This next news item came to me via email on 14 Sept 2002 from Larry & Rae Marie Kunkelís daughter Leslie:

    " Hi Rena, how's it going? It's me Leslie still down in New Mexico. I got your e-mail address and I wanted to write you. What's new up in the North? It was good to see you in July when we were up there. We are all doing good. Both my girls are in school now. I stay at home and cook and clean - you know the average homemaking stuff. Carlos and I are doing really good. We couldn't be happier. We've had so much rain down here it's almost scary. A lot of mud slides in Colorado and Tornado warnings all over New Mexico. It's great to have moisture though.

    We have stake conference tomorrow so it gives me a break from teaching my Sunday school class. I teach the Valiant 10s. They are smart kids; they keep me in line because it seems like they know more than I do. I hope everything is going well for you. Hope to hear from you soon."


    Email From Banyan Sillito (Spet. 3, 2002)

    I received the following message by email on 3 Sept. 2002 from Boyd Sillitoís son, Banyan, who is of course, my nephew:

    "My family is doing well (Brynnly corrects me now if I say I'm doing good!). We are going to be moving down to Texas this month. Breven and I are starting a Decorative Cement Curbing business there. It's an exciting change that we are looking forward to. We figured we might as well while the kids are young. They will miss their grandpa, almost as much as he will miss them! We had a little farewell shindig at my parentsí house last night. Camron and Tracy, and Marty and Erin, and Doug and Rema, and all my family came over so it was good to see them all.

    We were supposed to leave this week, but our closing down in TX got bumped a week. It made it nice because it didn't seem like a good-bye party so I wasn't emotional. Saying good-bye to family is really hard, and I'm a cry baby to start with. Hopefully it will get my family here to come down to TX more often. That will be good for Brev's family.

    It's quite a jump going from embedded software training and support to curbing, but hopefully some of the business classes I took in college will help.

    Anyway, so that's our big story."

    Thanks! Luv Ya! -Banyan

    Update from Banyan 16 Oct 2002

    "As you may or may not have heard, Tina and I are moving down to Texas. I won't be with emWare anymore so you won't be able to reach me at this email address.

    You can reach me at vb_canuck@hotmail.com

    Here's our other info:
    Banyan and Tina Sillito
    20702 Northland Dr
    Lago Vista, TX 78645
    (512) 267-5285

    We are just outside of Austin, so if you ever make it out that way be sure to give us a call or drop by!


    Dennis Sillito is Getting Married!(14 Oct. 2002)

    Another email message with Screamer news came to me on 14 Oct 2002, this time from Dennis Sillito, son of Aunt Katie & the late Uncle Peary:

    "Hi, Rena...

    Here's some news for your next edition of the Screamer! Jean and I finally decided to tie the knot! We're getting married in Laughlin, Nevada, on November 29th at the Flamingo Hotel. Just to confuse matters, Jean's sister (Mary), will be marrying my Uncle Wes, who lives in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, at the same time! That means that my sister-in-law will also be my Aunt Mary, and I will be here brother-in-law and nephew! How does that song go..."I'm my own Grandpa!"

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Email from Greg Sillito (3 Nov. 2002)

    This email message came to me from Greg Sillito, son of Uncle Thayne & Aunt Evelyn on 3 Nov 2002:

    "I wanted to drop you a quick note to provide you with my new mailing address. It is 232 Pinemont Road NE., Calgary, AB

    I have purchased the house and took possession on November 1 and now the work begins.

    If you want to put a note in the Screamer you can.

    If you have any questions feel free to send an email.

    If you wanted to publish my email address, that would be okay.

    PS: My brother Alex is still living with me and he is moving into the house as well."

    Signed - Greg

    [Gregís email address is: scifiguy@shaw.ca -Ed.]

    Email from Alice Hanson (10 Nov. 2002)

    Another email message from another cousin, Alice Hanson, daughter of Aunt Bertha Adams, dated 10 Nov 2002:

    "Hello Rena,

    Just need to drop you a line to give you our new address, so we don't have to wait so long for our Screamer news, that we love to get.

    5006 - 50 Avenue
    Beaumont, AB
    T4X 1E3

    Roger & I are both carded umpires & have traveled in the winter months for the last few years to hot destinations like Dominican Republic & Mexico, umping Co-ed Slo-Pitch tournaments/holidays and getting paid to go. LUCKY US ! We were looking forward to our winter baseball umping trip to Sidney & South Port Australia in March /03 but since the terrorist attack on Bali, it has been cancelled until March /04.. We were looking forward to stopping in to see Bunky, over our 4 weeks in Australia. Guess we'll have to wait until next time.

    My daughter Stephanie (19 yrs old) is @ the U of A in her 2nd year Bachelor of Science degree. She moved out into a basement suite a few blocks from campus with a couple of friends and loves it. She keeps busy by playing rec. hockey for U of A, works @ Great Canadian Bagel on Campus, curling for U of A competitive league, skydiving with her friends & is a curling coach for Sherwood Parks Salisbury Composite High School. I'm still wondering how she finds time to STUDY, but she's great..

    My son Cameron (16 yrs old) just moved in with us on Oct. 20/02, so we've been real busy getting his courses organized, just missed registering him in the curling league, so now we've got to find him a life other than the N64 games or the computer games.... like new friends to chill with as he puts it. Our lives have changed in such a short time, but we are enjoying the challenges of living with and learning from a TEENAGER.

    All our love to the FAMILY."

    Roger, Alice, Stephanie & Cameron

    Update on 11 Nov 2002

    "The Sillito music book is fantastic. I laminated every page & we have it in a 5" binder. Roger plays the songs on his guitar all the time for us, his mom, dad, & friends in the neighborhood. We've had a couple of jam sessions this summer at our house, which is on the main street in Beaumont, on the deck & around the bonfire.

    Roger was born & raised in Beaumont so he knows a lot of people here, who see us jamming & join in with their guitars, accordions, banjos, harmonica's etc. What a great time they are !! Can't wait until next summer! There's a little pub very close to our house, & the owners have had Roger & some friends jam there once in a while over the winter.

    We have gone a lot of times to watch Rick Anderson & his band (Whiskey Junction) play all over Edmonton & surrounding areas. We just took Roger's parents & some family members on Friday night to Wagon Wheel Saloon in Leduc. A great time was had by all. Wish we lived closer to more family talent so we could go listen to them all. Sure hope if anyone is playing up our way they let us know.

    Love - Alice

    [The Sillito Music Book that Alice refers to is one that my brother Lloyd put together. If anyone is interested they can get in touch with him or me. Also, Rick Anderson, is the son of Auntie Tod. -Ed.]

    Happy Birthday, Lloyd & Boyd

    My twin brothers Lloyd & Boyd celebrated their birthday on 13 Nov and I sent an email message to Boyd. Following is part of his reply:

    "Hi Sis,

    So good to hear from you. I'm not travelling at all these days... in fact I'm not working with DI's or even Welfare Services anymore. They reassigned me to the Physical Facilities Department a couple of months ago. It's exciting but stressful working with a worldwide organization with high stakes if the project succeeds or fails.

    Bergan is doing well... if you write soon you should catch him at this address as I think he'll be transferred in about a month:

    Elder Bergan Sillito
    518 des Crecerelles, #55
    Chicoutimi, PQ
    Canada G7H 5S9

    Sorry... gotta run,

    Luv to all!


    Trying times for Ron & Brody

    The past year has been a very trying year for our family. First Betty's local family physician discovered a small tumor (2 cm) in her lower abdomen in early January and she was referred to a specialist in Calgary. Over the next three months they watched the tumor grow from 2 to 10 cm before it was deemed as being of urgency. On March the 29th my mother passed away at Raymond from complications from old age. Five days latter Betty was finally admitted to the "Foothills Hospital" at Calgary for her much need operation only to discover that the cancer had spread to other organs and was now no longer operable. From this point, Bettyís health deteriorated rapidly until her death on July 5th, 2002. Through it all Betty remained positive and strong even though she was in a great deal of pain. Her testimony remained strong and it was a spiritual experience to listen and watch her through this period. She expressed many times her love for her family and appreciation for their faith and prayers.

    While she was in Calgary she had visits with my uncle, Leo Hancock, who was also dying from cancer. They found support and comfort in each other and developed a strong bond of friendship. Leo died just a few days before Betty. There must have been an emotional reunion in heaven when Betty was reunited with her mother, my mother and uncle Leo.

    During her hospital stay Betty had a deep impression on the nursing staff in each of the hospitals. When it came time to leave many nurses brought special gifts, cards and flowers, saying she had given them far more than they could have given her. Her doctor in Raymond cried at her death. Of special mention was the night in Lethbridge Regional Hospital when Roger and his family came to visit and entertained Betty, the patients and staff on the 5th floor. Some of the nurses stayed after their shift had ended.

    Through all this the doctors who treated Betty have said, this should not have happened. Why was there such a long delay before Betty started to receive treatment for her condition? The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta have decided to investigate Bettyís treatment and a review is now underway. Hopefully it will prevent this from happening to others in the future.

    Prior to her death Betty began putting together her life history. I am now finishing it with the help of our journals and her Treasures of Truth book. I am gaining a new appreciation for the need of keeping a family history through journals and etc.

    Love Ron & Brody.

    [Thank you Ron for sharing this experience with us. I know it couldnít have been easy, but we appreciate it. We want you to know of our love & concern for you and your family. - Ed.]

    Travis Kunkel on Big Freakin' Spiders

    From time to time I get an email from Travis & Lisa Kunkel, son of Lloyd, who are living in Australia. Most of the time he sends pictures of them, but today, 17 Nov 2002, I got a picture of a spider and this is what he had to say about it:

    "A Little Huntzman

    This is one of our more delicate little spiders that like to make their way into our homes!!!!

    It's called a Huntzman and they can get BIG, up to six inches across including legs. Theyíre not poisonous but they can bite if provoked, and hairy as the picture shows!!!!

    Somehow I have mastered my fear of them and this little fellow was gently removed with a feather duster and deposited outside!!!!

    Till next time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Travis Kunkel

    Springbank Proud Of Accordian Star

    As most of you know, Iíve been playing the accordion since I was "knee-high to a grasshopper" and in October I had quite an experience. David & I, along with several members of the Springbank Heritage Club, took an R.V. trip to Minot, ND to the Norsk Hostfest, which is a Scandinavian Festival of music, dancing, ethnic foods and crafts. We had a wonderful time.

    When we got back, one of our members, Roy Burke wrote a short article for the Rockyview Times about the trip. He submitted his article to Christina Edworthy, who called me for more information and the following is the article that appeared in the paper on Oct. 31, 2002.:


    Christina Edworthy

    Roy Burke from the Springbank Heritage Club offered his thoughts on a recent trip to Minot, ND.

    "A lot of very nice things have happened to me this past year and one more happening I really will remember is the recent RV trip to Minot, North, Dakota.

    At first thought, Minot seems to be just a regular small farming place in the prairies, but during the Scandinavian Norsk Hostfest (pronounced Hoostfest), Minot becomes the friendliest, jumping (pronounced yumping) fun-filled place in the West. Country and Old Time Music along with comedy acts filled the entire week from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. But thatís not my story. A number of members from the Springbank Heritage Club took off, some by driving their cars and some by RV to the Hostfest led by Rena and Dave Walters. We arrived a few days early and just before the actual Hostfest began, there was a musical "jam" session held at one of the halls in Minot.

    Well, Rena and Fred Hager, two members from the Springbank Ramblers music group joined in.; Rena with her accordion and Fred on guitar. The rest went along to listen or dance. At first there were not too many spectators by as the evening wore on, the hall filled until it overflowed.

    As it turned out, the majority of the musicians were from an accordion group from the Hostfest and Rena was asked to become a member of the group.

    For the rest of the week, Rena played sometimes three times a day at various locations at the Hostfest, along with big names like Bill Cosby, Tim Conway, Charley Pride and many others.

    We at the Springbank Heritage Club are very proud of Rena Walters and I know that Rena has been an asset to the Hostfest Accordion Group."

    Rena Walters grew up playing the accordion. Her uncle had an old accordion and she just picked it up one day and began to figure out the instrument, with the help of her Dad.

    By the age of 12 Rena was playing at country dances with her Dad, uncles, cousins and brothers. Music was a pivotal part of their lives. Renaís mother died when she was just four years old. Musical entertainment evenings kept the family close together and it just became the thing to do.

    Rena also plays the autoharp and the keyboard, but the accordion is her main interest.

    At Minot the highlight for Rena was "meeting other accordion players and playing with 79 others all at one time. "It was a lot of enjoyment for me personally".

    She particularly enjoys playing at seniorsí lodges where her enjoyment is derived from the enjoyment the seniors get from listening to her music.

    Along with her fellow band members from the Springbank Ramblers, they play popular tunes like old time polkas and waltzes and country and western.

    Rena and her husband, Dave, joined the Springbank Heritage Club in 1998. Dave "carts all my equipment wherever I go," adds Rena. "I couldnít do this without him".

    Note: As you can see, Iím now famous, but Iím still not rich. Seriously though, I was thrilled to have been asked to join the Accordion Club and I had a "blast" playing with so many accordionists. There were players from several U.S. states as well as several Canadian Provinces. The youngest player was 10 years old and the oldest was in his early 80ís.

    One day when we were playing, I was beside a man from Medicine Hat and found out he was a cousin to the man I bought my electronic accordion from. Sure is a small world. Of course Iím looking forward to going back next year - canít wait!

    September 2002

    Belated News

    Belated News with my apologies to Melissa & Rob Hoy. Melissa is Sheila's eldest daughter. Each year, Melissa sends me a Christmas card with a picture of her family and some news. Last Christmas, I put the card on my copy stand beside the computer and completely forgot about it until I saw her at Tona's reception. I'm going to report what she sent me then with a promise to update the news at the end of the year, if she decides she still wants to send me a card and the news. Sorry Melissa!!!

    Dec. 2001

    "Well, here we are again. I can't believe it's Christmas already. This year has flown by. During the course of this year we finished our bathroom renovations, started and finished kitchen renovations, sold that house and bought and moved into a newer house. It has been an eventful year.

    Rob is still trucking and in his spare time - what else? - renovating.

    I am working part-time dental assisting, helping renovate, painting, scrapbooking and quilting.

    Savannah is in grade 10 now and has a job working at the hockey concessions. Orrin is in grade 2 and is taking piano lessons and just started hockey. Shelby is in Kindergarten and takes clogging and skating. Emmett is still at home and keeps us all entertained with his wonderful little personality.

    We hope that this Christmas finds you healthy and happy. Merry Christmas! Love - Rob, Melissa, Savannah, Orrin, Shelby and Emmett.

    News from Australia - Aug. 15, 2002

    Dear family and friends,

    We realize it has been a while since we have written to lots of you so we are writing a general letter hoping to get lots of replies that we can attend to on a more personal basis.

    We are all doing really well over here. We are looking forward to some really nice spring days coming up really soon, as September 1st is when spring officially starts over here. We really can't complain too much as the winter has been quite mild. We have had some really lovely sunny afternoons but the mornings and the nights are still cold.

    The kids are doing really well at school, and no real drama's considering they are 10, 8, and 6, and are experiencing all the goods and trials that go with a growing family. They are all healthy at the moment and happy and that is the main thing.

    Jordan still loves drawing so much and is really getting noticed for it. He won a poster competition for grade 4. He was so thrilled to design his own poster and colour it and win a prize for it. He is still into Nintendo, Game Boy, and is begging us for a Nintendo game cube for Christmas.

    Taylor is doing well in school, making lots of girl friends and informed us this morning that she is a tom boy because she likes doing boys things and girls things, even though she likes wearing dresses, she loves playing sports with the boys. We thought that was cute and felt quite relieved at this age that she is more interested in beating the boys rather than impressing them.

    Hayley is learning more and more each day, they learn so quick in kindergarten. She is starting to read and loves it, her writing is coming along too although everything she writes mashes in together, I'm sure it won't be long before she'll be writing letters too. She is still so cute and gets so tired at the end of the day, still our baby.

    Bunk is well, working lots, he goes down the coast 2 days a week and delivers here 3 days. He has every weekend off and every second week he has a long weekend (Monday off). Even though there are a few hiccups at work every now and then we think we are pretty lucky and are happy where life is taking us at the moment.

    I am well enjoying spending time with the kids at school and at home. There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done but I am blessed to be able to be home full time for my family for now.

    We are putting a lot of work into our place at the moment, clearing tree's, cleaning up the outside and concreting and grassing a fair portion of the yard this year for the kids to ride bikes, roller blade and to play on. We are happy here and are seriously considering extending the house we are in (that my grandparents built) to accommodate our growing family and calling it home. Mum and Dad love us being here and we want to save some money for the constant trips to Canada that will no doubt be taking place on a regular basis over our life time. That is where we are at the moment. Who know's what the future will bring but that is the plan for now.

    We miss all of you guys over there and think and talk about you all often. We hope you are all enjoying your summer break and that everyone is happy and healthy. Hope to hear back from you soon.

    Love the Kunkels (Lisa, Bunky & the kids)

    June 2002

    News From Bunky (Travis) Kunkel in Australia (April 11, 2002)

    Hi guys, Well the moment of truth is here, today we finally have officially taken over the business venture we have been working for. For those of you who are still a little unfamiliar with our venture, we are now the proud owners of our own 5 ton Cadbury's truck, with a run that goes around Canberra and up and down the coast. We are sub-contracting for a Company called J&A wholesalers. We distribute chips, lollies (candy) especially chocolate, (yum) etc. to various businesses. The business has been running for about 20 years and the guy we bought it off had it for 10. We will send pictures as soon as we get them developed.

    Occupation: truck driver/distributor. Hope you are all well and hope to speak to you all again soon, take care, love the kunkels.

    News From Ted Sillito (23 Apr 2002)

    Hi Gang;

    Hope all is well with all of you. Everything here with me and mine are great.

    Haven't heard too much lately from my oldest daughter Debby but usually with her and her family no news is good news.

    Rick and the children are doing OK. The kids are back in school and are settling in to new routines. West Jet has been trying to woo Rick away from Kronos for a long time now and the new news from Rick is they finally succeeded. Although they offered quite a bit more money that was never the issue with Rick. His reason for changing has more to do with working conditions and what the job entails. Rick knows his stuff and is a boss's dream so although I'm biased, I feel that Kronos's loss is West Jet's gain and I'm confident Rick will do well.

    Casey is still working part time in Calgary as he tirelessly toils at his web site design business. He just finished one for the CFB Chilliwack Historical Society (which can be seen at http://members.shaw.ca/cfbchs/) and I understand he has a contract for another. As with Rick, Casey knows his stuff and will also do well.

    This is Mar's busiest time at the college so I'm not seeing much of her lately. She is working late almost every night and by the time she gets home she only has time to eat and then indulge herself in her second favorite pastime, the bathtub, before she hits the sack. The overtime she is banking now will be used in the summer for her favorite pastime, camping.

    As for me, because I run fairly sophisticated programs (and far too many) my computer needs frequent clean-ups. I have Drive Image installed and usually use that to image my drive, wipe everything clean, and then re-image the drive. But this time I had problems with the imaged files and it took quite awhile to get back up again, but I'm back in operation now and should be trouble free for awhile. I have put a new opinion, some cute puppy photos, and new stories and a poem on my web site so if your interested check it out at http://ted.sillito.name or http://members.shaw.ca/tsillito

    I am urging everyone who has me in their address books to change my e-mail address to ted@sillito.name and if you've bookmarked my web page to use the address http://ted.sillito.name. These are lifetime addresses I have purchased and no matter where I move them to or who my service provider is these addresses will always work. Retirement is looming all I have left is 6 early shifts, 12 late shifts, 162 hours and 108 flights.....but then who's counting.

    News From Gay (Sillito) Sauerwein (1 June 2002)

    • Our daughter, Tami (Sauerwein) Christopher has been employed for several months now at the Calgary Science Centre as a Science Communicator. She has an extremely scientific mind and is a deep thinker, and is so perfect for this job. She comments that she can't believe she is getting paid for having so much fun. She has been put in charge of their Summer Program, with 6 staff members working under her, and has also recently been put in charge of their Annual "Special Events Weekend", which is on July 20 & 21, and this is a very big deal. So they're certainly keeping her busy & using her talents, but she loves it. She was recently released as Young Women's President in her Ward, so that should free up some of her busy schedule.
    • We have 2 grandchildren graduating Grade 12 this spring. Tami's daughter Lindzi, & Tami's husband Kevin's son Dustin. Both graduated from Crescent Heights High School in Calgary on May 31 and we were able to attend. Congratulations to you both & good luck with any future plans.
    • Our son Rob's wife Cheryl, also has a new job as a Pharmacy Assistant at a Pharmacy in Cranbrook. She was also recently called as Stake Young Women's President in the Cranbrook Stake, so she is now a very busy lady.
    • While wintering in Mesa, Arizona this past winter, we had the opportunity to tour through Arizona's 2nd Temple, the Snowflake Temple, which was recently dedicated & opened. It was a wonderful experience, as it was a bit different in decor than most Temples. Being on an Indian Reservation and servicing a lot of Indians in that area, it contained a lot of Indian symbols & artifacts. Also, most of the Tour Guides were Indians. It was most interesting & a wonderful day for us. It was a 3 hr. drive (one way) from Mesa, but was well worth the trip.
    • My brother, Randy Martinuk, has a new job with Retail Marketing Service as Retail Systems Manager. He serves Brooks, Medicine Hat, & Swift Current. They have moved out of Brooks and into Medicine Hat to be more central for this new position. Congratulations Randy, and good luck with your new career.
    • Also, condolences go out to Randy & Wendy & their children on the death of Wendy's Brother Billy in May. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you all at this time of sorrow.
    • Congratulations to Ted Sillito on his retirement May 27. Ted first retired from the Canadian Armed Forces several years ago, and has been working as a Commissionaire at the Lethbridge Airport for the past 12 yrs. He has now permanently retired from the work force, and may be found at any given time in the rivers & streams of the Crowsnest Pass lasting out his fishing line. As of the long weekend in May, the 6 members of our family that have their R.V.'s parked on an annual basis at an R.V. Resort just outside of Coleman, are once again back in the camping mode & spending a lot of our time there. We expect Ted to be there a lot more now that he has retired. Congratulations Ted, and enjoy your Retirement!!

    April 2002

    News From Ted Sillito - Jan. 4, 2002

    To our family, our cherished old friends, all of our new friends and new contacts Marlise and I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday.

    I usually try to get this holiday message out before Christmas but due to last minute circumstances we were very rushed and busy this year. Mar and I were supposed to host our immediate families this Christmas but we were concerned about my daughter-in-law Karyn's health so at the last minute we moved everything up to her place.

    As most of you know Karyn is losing her long battle with cancer. When we were there for Christmas the prognosis was "days to weeks" but my son called yesterday with the news that she has weakened and it is now "hours to days". So Mar and I are heading back up to Calgary tomorrow for one last visit. Rick, Karyn, Marlise, and I thank all of you that have sent concerned and supportive messages and for your compassion and prayers.

    The past year was a tough one and I suppose most of this new year will be rough. On the positive side both Mar and I are looking forward to summer so we can get back to visiting the trailer. I, particularly plan on being there most of the summer as I am retiring (fully this time) in June.

    Update From Ted Sillito - Jan. 13, 2002

    s is the email I didn't want to have to send. As most of you know my daughter-in-law Karyn has been fighting a lengthy and courageous battle with cancer. It is with sadness and a heavy heart to have to let you know that she has lost that battle and passed away shortly after 3:00 pm. on Friday 11 Jan 2002.

    Karyn chose to spend her final months on this earth the same way she lived her life, on her terms. Each time I went to visit, her physical condition was worse and I always felt uneasy but after 15 min. she had a way of making you forget about that because from day 1 she never let the disease affect her personality. There were no tears and no room or time for either her or anyone else to feel sorry for her.

    Shortly before she died we took her, and the kids to see the Harry Potter movie, and on my last visit with her (we both knew I was saying goodbye) she joked, laughed and teased me. She showed us all that if you handle the process of dying with grace, dignity, and a sense of humour you make it easier for all. To do this while fighting this terrible disease took what I now know was her greatest asset...courage.

    She is loved by many and will be missed. On behalf of Karyn &Rick and their children Brittney and Patrick, Marlise and I thank all of you for your prayers and support..

    Update From Ted Sillito - Jan. 28, 2002

    Now that things are getting somewhat back to normal I have had some time to get back to things I have been putting on hold.

    Many thanks to all who sent cards, flowers, and e-mails. Your concern for Karyn, Rick, their children, our family and Karyn's family touched us all very deeply.

    As with every tragedy, we who are left mourn but slowly we realize that life goes on and we must deal with the present. Her memory will linger forever but her children Brittney and Patrick are back in school and I understand Rick will return to work in about a week.

    One of the things I had put on hold was the update of my Web Site. I used this opportunity to post a tribute to Karyn. There are some pictures on the Photo Page, and a written tribute on the Opinion Page. I also posted 3 more stories on the Writing Page. It can all be checked out by clicking on the link below.

    Update From Ted Sillito - Mar. 19, 2002

    Just a short note to let you all know I am still around. Had some trouble with my computer recognizing my internet provider till my genius son Richard helped me fix it. Then my book of poems came back from the printers. They wanted it in a different format so I had to do it all over again. So all those who ordered a copy please be patient it shouldn't be too much longer.

    Speaking of Richard, it is still a struggle but him and the children are learning to cope with life without Karyn. I will leave my tribute to her on my website until the end of the month.

    Mar and I are patiently waiting for the weather to break so we can start spending time at the trailer again. I went up about a week ago to check on everything and all is well. We are expecting a break in the weather this weekend, unfortunately I have to work but I think Mar is going up for the weekend. I hear there's still lots of snow there so she'll likely have to shovel her way to the door. My last shift before retirement is 27 May so I will likely spend most of the rest of the summer there.

    The buzz on the internet is that they are running out of .com addresses and as a result have opened up more endings ( .org, .biz, .ca etc.).

    One of the new endings opened is one called .name. It is exclusively set aside for individual use so companies and organizations can't use it. I have purchased my own domain name under this new .name through a Canadian company called Internic. It costs $30.00 per year and gives me my own domain name ( ted.sillito.name) and a lifetime e-mail address (ted@sillito.name ). You can still use my existing e-mail address but if you change it to the new one you'll never have to change it again. If I change service providers and get a new e-mail address all I have to do is go to the Internic web site, access my profile and change the address there, then all my mail with the ted@sillito.name address will be redirected automatically. I am in the process of doing the same with my web page ( the address will be ) and will let everyone know when it is in place. If your curious or interested the Internic web site address is www.internic.ca

    Well that's it for now. Hope all is well with you all and your families and that you have a good Easter.

    News from Kim (Shurtz) Malacko Jan. 29, 2002

    I guess it's about time to send out a letter to all our loved ones to let them know we are still here. I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

    Mom and Dad are enjoying having Dan and Connie and little Ben staying with them for awhile. It's been good to have them there to help out since Mom got back from Saskatchewan where she had surgery on her back. She is healing nicely, but it will be awhile before she is back to normal. She is behaving herself and taking it pretty slow. She is a counsellor in her ward Relief Society and loves it very much. She's a nurturer!!

    Dad is still on the road selling Nut Cracker, but Danny is helping him set things up on the net so that he can sell from there. He is pretty busy, but seems to be able to spend more time at home, so hopefully soon he will be able to do all his business on-line and not go on the road at all.

    Delon and Sue are busy with their six children and their jobs. Delon still writes for the Lethbridge Herald and I believe he is still in the Elders Quorum Pres. Sue is the activities committee chair in her ward and also works cleaning the local dental clinic. They have two sons who are preparing for missions. Darcy is 19 and Chris is 18. The other kids are all busy in sports and music lessons etc. They have just sold their new house and are planning to build another. In the meantime they are house sitting for Sue's mom and dad, who are on a mission.

    Tari is working at the hospital as a cook for long-term patients. She is very good at her job and loves the old people - even when they cuss at her. She is the Achievement Day Leader in her Magrath Ward. Her oldest son, Scott and his wife, Christie and their two children are all living there in the same house with them until their house is finished being built. They are hoping to have it done by the end of March. Scott is in the nursing program at the College and also working at the Magrath Hospital and for Jim and Craig. Andrea is living in Calgary and planning to start school to get her teacher's degree and Kyle will be 18 in a couple of weeks. Their youngest, Morgan, is 12 now. Craig is working with Jim building houses. They work 24/7 and in any weather. They are out framing this week and putting on roofs in -25ļ c. weather.

    Danny and Connie have moved home from Arizona and are staying with Mom and Dad. Connie works part time at a dental office in Lethbridge and Danny is hoping to get on with the Calgary or Edmonton police force. Their little guy, Ben, is great fun and we'll sure miss them when they move away.

    That leaves me - I still work for an insurance adjuster and also going to school full time - actually I didn't go back this semester because I have to get my last semester paid for first. I am in pre-ed. Right now I'm callingless - as I have just been released as Stk. Prim. Pres. It was a great job for me and I'll miss it. Our youth group, Youth For Action are getting ready to attend the United Nations Special Session on Children in May where they will lobby delegates, do a presentation on abstinence education, and participate in the Global Gallery at the UN. There will be a regional World Congress of Families just prior to the special session, so we will attend that as well. We are very excited about going back. We have appointments to meet with our Canadian Senator and the Prime Minister - if he can fit us in. We'll see. Our youth singers, The Young Defenders of Canada, will be performing at the end of March at the convention of the Alberta Federation of Women United

    For Families. Professor Wilkins will be there and I'm anxious to see him again. We have also been invited to the teachers convention and to schools in Calgary and Red Deer. We have plans to give our presentation to the Minister of Learning. So things are hopping for us.

    Jim is busy working and is still the Pres. of the Lethbridge Softball Assoc. He plays hockey a couple of times a week as well. He has stopped coming to church, but I am forever optimistic. We are flying to

    Vancouver on Thursday to visit his folks. It'll be nice to get away for a few days. Our kids are all busy. Ginger is living in New York City as permanent representative at the UN for REAL Women of Canada and for United Families International. This week she is in charge of putting together a lobbying team for the Conference on Economic and Sustainable Development. She loves living there and has really good roommates who she loves dearly. Two are from Utah, two from Arizona and one from Canada - all LDS girls and they all take good care of each other. Ginger is trying to find a way to make some money while there, or she will have to come home soon, so we are praying hard that the Lord will help her find a way to stay there. Any ideas??

    Adam is leaving in April to go to acting school - he is working with his dad right now. He is in the Elders Quorum Pres. in the Institute Ward and is currently playing the lead role in their Institute play, "Fools" by Neil Simon.

    Kelli is living on her own and is a nanny for two little girls. She will be going back to college next Fall though. She wants to be a school youth counsellor. She and Adam are in the same ward and Kelli is a Stake missionary. She is really good at it and is currently having the missionaries in her home to teach one of her best friends.

    Cody is in his final semester of high school and then he will be off on a mission. He is a Stake missionary right now, so is getting some good practice in. He is very active in Drama and has had a main part in the LCI school production every year. He'll be 18 on Monday. Wow - where does the time go?

    Anyway, that's all for now - so much for keeping it short and sweet. Hope all is well with everyone and we wish you peace and joy for 2002.

    Love Kim Malacko (Shurtz)

    News from Boyd Sillito Jan. 29, 2002

    Terry is teaching Primary and is still involved with the Church's Humanitarian Center making infant-care items and distributing kits for others to make. She's having a ball sewing and quilting for all our 9 grandkids. She's also getting things ready for Bergan's mission and running Brinden to countless events, sleepovers, etc. She does some sketching and painting in her "spare" time and hopes to take another continuing education class soon... I think it's with oil paints???

    I'm still Stake S.School Pres. and teach in the H.P. Quorum. My work at Church Headquarters is still exciting and rewarding; last year as Project Manager, I completed a 3-year, $1.8 million project to install a new computerized POS (cash register) system in 47 Deseret Industry stores in 7 western states, so I was on the road about 40% of the time. Right now I'm excited about a new "group" that's being formed in the ICS (computer) department called Requirements Engineers that I hope to become part of. It fits perfectly with my degree in Operations and Systems Analysis and my work experience to date. I'm still writing songs (mostly country) but Banyan's sister-in-law, an artist, is illustrating a kids song book based on my Animal Quackers song and taking it to a publisher in New York in May.

    Tavi and Brian live 40 minutes north of us in Layton. They used to come most Sundays, but their meetings are late now so we don't get to see them and their 2 angel daughters enough. Tavi is in the YW presidency and Brian is membership clerk. Tavi is into scrapbooking big time. Brian has a great job with a computer company called Enterrasys. Breven and Luci are still in Texas, but would move to Utah in a heartbeat if he could find a job here. Working for Motorola as an Engineering Assistant has spoiled him, although they are cutting back staff and he's praying for the best. They have a girl and 2 boys which keeps Luci busy; she also provides day care for a couple of other young kids. They own several houses that they rent out, and last year had a beautiful new house built for them to live in.

    Banyan and Tina have 2 girls and live in W. Valley about 15 min. from us. They're busy with ward callings and are working on finishing the basement in their new house. Banyan works for a computer company called emWare doing support and training. He may go to Germany next month to do some training there. Our monthly "extended Family" Home Evening was a birthday party for Brynnly, their oldest who is turning 2.

    Baylen and Alison live very close to us in S. Jordan. Baylen is in college (UVSC) taking nursing (or something medical like that) and works part time at Family Feature Films doing telephone callbacks. Alison has her teaching degree, but stays at home with her hands full with their twins. They're in a small basement apartment, but we're hoping to help them get into something else soon.

    Broman works part time for an engineering firm, and goes to SLC College part time. He is in the Elder's Quorum Prec'y and still plays volleyball, although not as much since he met Rachel. They're dating quite a bit so we'll see what happens?!? They went tubing a few weeks ago, went over a huge "jump" (unplanned" and both landed on their heads. Broman got the worst of it and ended up in the hospital for a few hours... fortunately nothing serious for either of them.

    Briody is also at UVSC and just received a 3/4 tuition scholarship (part music, part engineering). He's on the single's ward reactivation committee and does a great job with less actives. He's still drumming and has had a couple of "gigs" lately with a couple of his friends who play acoustic guitars. He dates periodically... nothing serious yet.

    Bergan just received his mission call ... he's going back to his Home and Native Land, only a little further east to the Montreal mission (French Speaking)! We're all very excited; especially me and his french-speaking brothers. His farewell will be March 24th (we'd love to have you come) and he enters the MTC on April 17th. He's been working for the Olympic Committee in their warehouse, but just for something to do since he already has his share of his mission money in the bank.

    Brinden is in 9th grade, but would rather do most anything than homework!!!! He's become very good friends with Janice's (Woody's daughter) son Bolton who lives just a few blocks away. They're into rollerblading at the rollerrink, sledding, model rockets, video games, etc. etc.

    We love it down here, but wish you all weren't so far away. We'll be coming up to Canada sometime this summer, no date yet. Hope to see you all then.

    Luv Ya! Boyd

    News from Bunky & Lisa Kunkel Mar. 27, 2002

    Hi Everyone, Well I thought I would do a general catch up letter to bring you up to speed on the going's on over here in Aussie. We are all fine at the moment. Bunk and I are at the end of a cold that has been going around and we actually didn't come down too bad, which was nice. The kids are well and looking forward to Easter like there's no tomorrow. They really felt ripped off that we don't celebrate Halloween over here like they do in Canada. So they are relieved that we "do" celebrate Easter. haa.

    Summer is on it's way out, it is cooler today, probably about 20 deg, can you believe we are wearing jumpers (sweaters) already, some of us anyway. Bunk still insists on wearing shorts and T-shirt for as long as he can.

    We are hoping to take over our business next week, we are really excited about it. It has been a long and sometimes frustrating process but nothing comes easy, I think we all have experienced that. Our cat Lacey is expecting kittens (we were go ng to have her fixed, but she got in first) so the kids are so excited, they are already coming up with names. Bunk and I (I must say) are excited to, we love kittens and of course cats. I am trying to talk Bunk into keeping one when they're born but he is sticking to his guns at the moment and saying,"NO, 3 cats are enough", (which they are), but we will wait and see if he changes his mind when they are born, hee hee.

    We went down to the beach for the day last week-end to get one more dose of sun and sand. We went to a new beach we had never been to before. It was called "Nallawalle beach" which is in a place called Ulladallah. That is about another 30 mins from Bateman's Bay and it was so gorgeous that we will certainly put that one on our list of favourite beaches. Beautiful sand that wrapped around for about a mile or two. What a different world, sitting on the beach and staring out at that surf, ow am I dreaming again, sorry. Our dream is to one day own a house down the coast on the beach (isn't everyone's) anyway we will see how we go. So come on start planning your holidays and hopefully by that time we might at least find a great one to rent on the beach, haa haa.

    Anyway must go, hope to hear from you all again soon, love always, the Kunkels.

    Our cousin, Betty (Kunkel) Hancock, will be up here in Calgary at the Foothills Hospital to undergo another surgery on Fri., April 5th. We wish her well.

    We would also like to send out condolences to her husband Ron and their family on the passing of his mother on Fri., March 29, 2002.


    Editor's Note: I'm sure most of you know that "Bunk", is Lloyd's son,


    Nov. 2001

    News from "Down Under"

    As some of you know, Lloyd Kunkelís son, Travis ("Bunky"), his wife, Lisa, and their 3 children have moved back to Australia. Lisa is from Australia & by the way, she doesnít like to fly. Some of us went down to the "Barn" the last night that Bunky played there with his dad, Lloyd, and his brother, Trevor, but his Uncle Larry also played that night as well as Ron "Buckshot" Barge.

    The following is an email I received from Lisa in the middle of October.

    "The flight from Canada to L.A. was fairly painless which set up a good atmosphere for L.A. We had such a great time in Disneyland, It was such a nice vacation which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Bunk and I even got into the magic of it all, we over ate, over spent and had a blast. Through circumstances out of our control we were late to the airport to go from L.A. to Sydney and had quite the panic but none the less all worked out in the end and we arrived home safely, and I only had to take 4 sedatives throughout the whole trip, ha ha, not funny, man don't get me started on with anxiety to flying, I guess I must take a course one day or something cause things can only go up (pardon the pun) from here.

    It was so great to hit Australian turf, and have our feet planted firmly on the ground. We spent most of the first week with my sister and her family in Sydney, it was so great to catch up especially for the kids, and as Bunk just reminded me to pig out on the aussie food we had missed, (weight watchers here we come)! We bought Bunk a really cute Celica within the first couple of days, it's in great shape and he really loves it. Then off to Canerra, home sweet home, In time only to hear of the tragic events in America. I feel we have been spiralling down since then and are only now just coming back up again. My only surviving grandparent Nan, took a turn for the worst and went down hill in that week, I got to see her twice before she passed away, very sad but she was 91 and lived a long and good life. The next week of our stay here was involvement in the funeral, sad! The day after the funeral I came down sick with the flu, and am still trying to get over the last of it. It really hit me bad and took me off my feet for a week or so. In between the kids started school for a few days and then Jordan was struck with a virus (I actually picked this up from him, his only lasted 24 hours though and he was back on his feet). Time for school holidays, things are looking up!!! Ha!!!! Hayley contracted conjunctivitis (which Taylor has contracted and beaten now) Taylor has contracted chicken pox and is still contagious, we are still waiting for Jordan and Hayley to get it, we hope soon se we can be over and done with this. Hayley also picked up head lice from someone which we hope is now under control !!!! Welcome to Australia. We are in I guess what's called quarantine at the moment waiting for all our illnesses to blow over. The kids are missing school again but I guess they will catch up in the end.

    On a positive note, we now have a new kitten called Chloe, she looks allot like Bondi and is very much spoiled and loved like her already. We also bought (or are paying off) a really great van called a Toyota Tarago, it's a really family van that seats 8, we love it, and are very happy with it. It's great to be home to catch up with family and friends and we are in our house with our own space.

    We are finding it hard to settle and think it might take awhile, we know we have to be patent it's just a matter of time, as much as we love being here we miss our life and luxuries of home and all that we knew for the last 3 years. It's hard shopping in new grocery stores getting used to all the different products and prices etc.. Bunk has taken some time off from work since we got here but now is looking into getting a job. Life goes on wherever you are hey!

    The weather is warming up as we speak and as we are still on holidays (not by choice) we are going to be taking a trip down to the beach in the next couple of days to reaffirm some of the reasons we have missed oz so much.

    Anyway must go and feed the gremlins some lunch, take care miss you all and hope to hear from you again soon."

    Love always Lisa, Bunk and kids. Thanks Lisa. It was nice to hear from you and to know you all arrived safely. We miss all of you but want to wish you the very best in your new ventures.

    Here is their email address. Iím sure theyíd love to hear from any of the family: tlkunkel@webone.com.au

    Update: Just got the following email:

    Sorry just a little weather update to rub it in,,,,Wednesday the 28th of November 10:20 am it's a lousy 32 degrees Celsius!!!!! And the pool is 26 degrees C!!! Thought you would have wanted to know!! The KUNKELS - Travis(Bunky), Lisa, Jordan, Taylor , Hayley

    Editor: Should we tell them about the wonderful snowfall they missed????

    Thoughts on Sept. 11

    Iím sure all of you were as devastated by the happenings in the U.S. on Sept. 11th as we were. What a terrible tragedy to so many families and how grateful to be living in Canada. I hope and pray that our family members who live in the U.S.A. will keep safe in the coming months.

    Following is an email I received from Ted Sillito concerning these events.

    After the dust had settled and the true terror and devastation had become apparent to all, my wife Marlise asked me a simple question. "Ted, are you going to write something about this?"

    As most of you are aware one of my hobbies is writing short stories, poems, and essays, but there was a pause before I answered. I felt in my gut that yes, most probably I would eventually pick up my pen. But at this moment there was already much being said and written and I hesitated to climb on the bandwagon. I needed time to sort out in my mind how this had affected me.

    As time went on I, like most of you, was drawn to the progression of events parading across my TV screen. I found my emotional buttons were being pushed most by the army of volunteers and the number of heroic stories that were spawned. Although I've been aware of it for some time now, It has always amazed me how during times of crisis, seemingly ordinary people step up, do heroic and extraordinary deeds and then pass it off with a simple "I didn't do anything anyone else wouldn't have done in my place"

    This quality that exists in the human spirit has touched me before and at that time I wrote a poem about it. So instead of composing something new I dug out that poem and read it again. "Yes!" I thought. "This touches me the way I feel now."

    So Marlise in answer to your question and as a tribute to all past, present and future, sung and unsung hero's, here's that poem.....enjoy.

    AN ORDINARY MAN Jun. 1993

    He tries to lead a normal life.
    Has two kids and a loving wife.
    He pays his taxes every year.
    When times are tough, he shed's a tear.
    He's just, an ordinary man.

    He doesn't have a lot to say.
    But tells it straight, cause that's his way.
    He's there for friends and family.
    To lend a hand, or plant a tree.
    He's just, an ordinary man.

    A child's scream breaks the night.
    A building burns, fierce and bright.
    The flames beckon to one and all.
    But no one moves to heed the call.
    They're only, ordinary men.

    A single heart hears the cry.
    And with no thought of how or why.
    Bursts through that deadly wall of flame.
    And no one even knows his name.
    He's just, an ordinary man.

    A life is saved, the child lives.
    In it's place, his life, he gives.
    So in a field, forgotten and alone.
    Underneath an obscure headstone.
    Lies just, an ordinary man.

    Thanks Ted for willingly sharing your thoughts with the rest of us.

    May 2001

    News from Gay Saurwein

    Well it appears that all my news this time is on travel. It seems like Aunt Ruby's family is always on the move!!

    Our oldest grandson (Jesse McLean-age 20- son of our daughter Tami) has been touring Australia, Malaysia, & Thailand for the past four months & having the experience of a lifetime. He will return home to Calgary sometime in May.

    Two of our granddaughters (Melissa & Nichole - ages 15 & 16 - daughters of Rob & Cheryl Sauerwein) went on a Student Exchange Program to Quebec for 1 week in Feb. with their Cranbrook School Band. This was an educational & fun trip for them. Also, their Mom, Cheryl, recently returned from a week in Florida in April. She went to witness the Temple Sealing of the Missionary who taught her the Gospel & played such a big part in her conversion to the Church a few years back. While in Florida, she spent some time at Disneyworld & M.G.M. Studios. It was a fun & relaxing time for her, as she doesn't get much time to escape away from their gas station in Cranbrook.

    Aunt Ruby & her daughter Karen (Sillito) Smart flew down to Mesa, Arizona in Feb. & spent 2 wks. with Gay & Bob Sauerwein who spend winters there. They took them on their regular "visitor's tour" to places such as the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Movie Studios in Tucson, etc., etc. It was a hectic but fun-filled 2 wks. of touring & I'm sure they were glad to get home & get rested up.

    Ted & Marlise's daughter-in-law, Karyn (wife of Rick Sillito), is again battling with breast cancer, so we ask that the family remember her in their prayers. Rick & Karyn & their 2 children flew down to Disneyland the first part of April, so this was a fun & much needed get-away for them all.

    P.S.: - We're looking forward to hosting the Reunion this summer & hope to see you ALL there. Let's see some of those faces we haven't seen in a while!!!
    Love Ya All!!
    Gay (Sillito) Sauerwein

    News Ron & Betty (Kunkel) Hancock

    The past two months have been interesting in our home. In January, Ron was chosen as the Liberal candidate in the Alberta Provincial Election for the Cardston-Taber-Warner Constituency. During the election campaign Ron had the opportunity to meet with groups and individuals throughout the region and listen to their concerns and aspirations. The number one issue was the recent deregulation of utilities by the provincial government. At the March 12 election, Ron lost but he still considers it a rewarding experience. It was an experience that he will never regret. While it was personally expensive, it was well worth it. Ron would encourage other family members to similarly become involved in their community.

    Our household is now returning back to normal. It has now been one year since Betty's heart and cancer operations. She has now fully recovered and is back involved with her choral groups and having fun doing it. Brody turned 12 in March and is now a Deacon. Ron has resumed his work as a member of the Town Council and with the Chinook Health Region. Our daughter, Deanne, and her 2 year old son, Kyle, now live in Raymond. Our son, Joe, has moved back to Edmonton where he works for a company installing eavestroughing. Ron's mother, Madge, lives at the Lodge in Raymond. She faces a number of health challenges due to her age. She finds it very difficult to walk and requires a walker for support. She rarely ventures away from the Lodge. The staff there is excellent to her. We spend a lot of time looking after her as well.

    We are looking forward to meeting with members of the family this summer at the family reunion. Hope to see you all.

    Love - Ron, Betty and Brody.

    May 2000

    News from Michelle (Sillito) & John Witt

    Michelle is the daughter of Lloyd & Lola Sillito. I thought that I would write you and let you know of some things that are going on down here in our neck of the woods. (Editorís note: they live in Minnesota).

    On Sunday , April 30, 2000, John was ordained an Elder and we became temple recommend holders. We will be taking out our Temple Endowments on May 6th and then doing the sealing with the boys in August when my parents can come down.

    John is the Assistant Scout leader in our ward and I am the primary pianist and the homemaking teacher. Cody is finishing up his preschool class and is looking forward to playing t-ball this summer and starting Kindergarten in the fall. Cole is now 10 months old and grows sweeter everyday.

    News from Ted & Marlise Sillito

    Just a short note to let you all know what's going on in our lives. Both Marlise and I are getting ready for the camping season. Marlise has already been out to the trailer a couple of times (it survived the winter just fine) getting things set up and stocked up. I'll probably go in a couple of weeks and finish my share and then it will be time to re-introduce myself to the fish population. The campground we are leasing our site from has been sold. Our lawyer has informed us that we will get our lease money back (minus the percentage that's used) and can stay for two more years. After that we must negotiate with the new owner if we want to stay. The new owner is not receptive to leasing but is open to yearly fees. In the meantime we are at least secure for the next 2 yrs. so in that time if any of you wish to come out and camp with us you are more than welcome. Just let me know and I'll send directions.

    All of my children and grandkids are fine. Debby and Steve have gone their separate ways and she now has a new love interest. Tanya, Debby's daughter, is coming to stay with us for the summer. We are going out there for a Military reunion at the end of April so we will see all of them then. Casey is still working at Kinko's in Calgary but is not happy with the midnight shift they have him on so he has submitted resumes to a couple of other places [Web Ed: Actually, they've taken me off the midnight shift YAY!]. Rick has changed jobs he now works for the parent company of the outfit he worked for before. He was also being wooed by Westjet but it looks like he's happy where he is now.

    Marlise is still happy in her job and will likely keep working for another five years or so. She is going to Germany to visit relative's for a month in May. I on the other hand am packing it in about a year from now (summer 2001). I may work a couple of days a week after that but for all intensive purposes I will be officially retired.

    More News from Ted

    Ted's wife Marlise works as the Assistant Residence Manager at the Lethbridge Community College and for about 5 or 6 years Ruby Martinuk and her off spring have been using The Rack ( a general purpose room in residence) on Christmas day for their annual Christmas Dinner. Each year they offer an open invitation to any students living in residence who either have no place to go or are stuck their during the holidays to join them. Through the years they have met many interesting students from all over the world and the students are always thankful for a good home cooked meal. Each year the College accepts nominations for a Humanitarian Award and unknown to Marlise and the Ruby clan, Marlise's boss Kim Sullivan nominated them for the award. Many of the students who through the years had accepted the invitation sent gratitude letters to the selection committee and as a result they topped the voting and Marlise accepted the award on behalf of Ruby and her family.

    Marlise made a trip to Germany in May 2000 to help her brother Franz celebrate his 65th birthday. She spent a hectic month over there visiting and sight seeing.

    Ted & Marlise's are looking forward to their granddaughter (Debby's daughter) Tanya who will be visiting them for a month this summer from Mission BC. She will be here during and will attend the Joe Sillito reunion.

    The campground where Ted & Marlise kept their RV has been sold so as of spring 2001 they are relocated to Crowsnest Mountain Resort in the Crowsnest Pass near Coleman and offer an open invitation to anyone who wants to visit.

    Some news on a sad note; Ted & Marlise's oldest son Richard's wife Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. She's had her surgery where they removed about 25% of her breast and the lymph node under her arm. She must now endure about 6 months of Chemotherapy, but there were no surprises after the surgery and with her youth and her and Richard's excellent attitude the prognosis is good. ( a few prayers wouldn't hurt)..

    Still More News From Ted

    Thanks to all who have visited my on line photos. I especially enjoyed your comments in my guest book and I see some of you have even opened accounts of you own. Although the site is fairly secure and you need a password to view the photos we all know that when it comes to the internet nothing is a hundred percent secure. Most of the photos I will be putting in these albums will be of friends, family, scenes and places I have visited and at some point in time may include some of you. If any of you are concerned or apprehensive about having your picture on the internet please let me know and I won't use it.

    Meanwhile I will be putting my second album out in a couple of days and will issue you all the password to view it.

    News from Gay Sauerwein

    Well we arrived home safely from wintering in Mesa, Arizona, just beating the last snowstorm of April by a few hours. We had originally planned on only staying South for 3 mons. this year, but ended up staying 5 1/2 mons., coming home for 3 wks. at Christmas time. We had a great winter with lots of "fun in the sun." Bob got in a lot of golfing, which makes him happy. We have been in the same R.V. Resort & on the same site for 3 winters now & have a great neighborhood. We have 8-10 couples in our "group" & they are wonderful people. We do a lot with them, including "Block Parties" with way too much eating. We also have several "Sing-Songs" with me accompanying on the keyboard. We had a lot of company in Mesa; Bob's sister & her husband in Jan.; my mother & my brother Tyler in Feb.; & our daughter Tami in April. Also my sister Rhonda flew down for a 4 day Ultrasound Convention, but she was so tied up with that, we only saw her for a few hours. We toured our visitors to such places as the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Las Vegas, Tucson, Tombstone, Laughlin, etc., etc.

    2) - Two of our Granddaughters, Melissa & Nichole Sauerwein (daughters of our son Rob & his wife Cheryl in Cranbrook), have recently made several trips with their school bands. Melissa to Banff and Edmonton, including a day at the West Edmonton Mall, & Nichole to Calgary. Both these girls also take piano lessons, and are also asked to sing, along with their Mom & their brother Curtis, at numerous functions in their Ward in Cranbrook. They are beautiful singers & harmonize so nicely. We're so proud of them!

    3) - Our son Mike's wife, Kelly, who works for Office Depot in Leth., has recently received an offer to join the company's Management Team. She is training in Calgary for 2 mos., and then back in the Leth. store for another 4 mos. of training. She will then be placed as Ass't. Mgr. in a store anywhere from Winnipeg to Victoria. Good luck to you both in this exciting new adventure!

    4) - Our son Jason & his wife Heidi spent a week in Las Vegas in Feb. We travelled up from Mesa, Ariz. & met with them for a day in Laughlin. It was great fun. Jason has recently graduated from Law Enforcement at Mt. Royal College in Calgary. Great work Jason, and good luck to you in your search for a job on a Police Force.

    5) - We had 3 Grandsons in hockey this past winter & that sure kept their parents busy. Curtis in Cranbrook (son of Rob & Cheryl Sauerwein), & Dustin & Matthew in Calgary (both belonging to Tami & Kevin Christopher.) They all had great seasons & did very well. Keep up the good work guys!

    6) - My brother Ted & I have entertained a couple of times at the Chinook Lodge in Cardston where Aunty Marie lives. Myself doing a few sets on the keyboard with a few "Sing-Along's", & Ted reading some of his "writings." We really enjoy it.

    7) - Congratulations to Aunt Ruby Martinuk on her 80th Birthday March 14. Her family gathered together to celebrate this special day with her.

    8) - Congratulations to Mandy Pickering, Granddaughter of Tom & Karen (Sillito) Smart, whose Indoor Soccer Team recently won the Gold Medal during Midget League Playoffs with the Leth. Soccer Assoc. Good work Mandy!

    9) - Congratulations to Shaun Wojtowicz, son of Gary & Judy (Martinuk) Wojtowicz, who has recently opened his own Respiratory Business in Leth. It is called Respicore Health Inc. & he is in partnership with another fellow who runs their Med. Hat business of the same name, while Shaun runs their Leth one. Good luck in this new endeavor Shaun. Also, Gary & Judy's other son, Scott, is currently on a 3 month training program in Idaho with Scott Lamb Weston, located in Taber. He is a Supervisor with this firm & is upgrading his skills to further assist current & new employees. This was originally supposed to be a 6-month training program, but they have cut it back to 3 mons. for now as Scott & wife, Mandy, have recently discovered they are expecting twins at the end of July, and he is now needed at home. (They live in Taber) Boy, Aunt Ruby's family is multiplying by 2's now, as this will be the 2nd set of twins to her family in the last 5 years. Congratulations to you all in this exciting upcoming event!

    10) - Graduations from our family in May/2000
    : - Sheldon McLean (our daughter Tami's son) - from High School in Calgary.
    - Janay Hamilton (daughter of Rhonda (Martinuk) Hamilton)- from High School in Leth.
    - Kelly Sauerwein (our son Mike's wife) - Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Biology - a 5 yr. course - Univ. of Leth.
    - Jason Sauerwein (our son) - from Law Enforcement at Mt. Royal College-Calg.

    March 2000

    News from the Family

    At Christmas time I received some family letters and Iíve also received email messages since with news, so I think I will take the liberty of extracting some of that information to pass along.

    From Boyd & Terry Sillito - we still live in South Jordan, Utah. Our address hasnít changed for 9 years - the longest we have lived anywhere. Even though we consider Canada our home and native land", we love the U.S. and call this home, are grateful to be here and to be so blessed.

    Tavi and Brian have 2 daughters, Morgan, 2 and McKayla born in June. They live in Layton, Utah and are working on finishing their basement by Christmas. (Editor: Did you get it done? Knowing how hard you two work, I would suspect that you did.)

    Breven and Luci live in Austin, Texas. Caden, our first grandson was born in July, a brother for Kayle our eldest granddaughter, who is now 3.

    Banyan and Tina were married in the Jordan River Temple the first of April and are expecting our 5th grandchild the end of January. (Editor: News Flash - The baby arrived on January 31, 2000. Her name is Brynnly Anna and we would like to congratulate her family on her safe arrival.)

    Baylen, Broman, Bergan and Brinden are all living at home. Baylen has been attending UVSC and has a scholarship to attend BYU in the pre-med department in January. Broman had a very serious accident in Nov. and was life flighted to the LDS hospital and is still recovering from a broken jaw, a pelvis broken in three places and glass in his left cheek. He is doing well and we are grateful for the miracle that he is with us. He was attending college and working and hope that will resume soon.

    (EDITOR - update on Broman from his Dad, Boyd - "Broman is doing wonderfully. He's off his crutches and back to school and is even doing some limited sports activities. His final x-rays showed complete closure of all 3 fractures and the bone "splinter" is starting to dissolve. Please thank everyone for their faith and prayers on his behalf.")

    Bergan is in 11th grade and loaded with 4 AP (college classes), but not so heavy that he doesnít manage to get in some basketball and volleyball with his friends and brothers regularly.

    Brinden is in 7th grade and was ordained a deacon this year. He has gone on a number of boy scout trips this year and treats us with his cooking occasionally and enjoys mechanical things such as go-carts.

    Boyd is still working for the LDS Church in the ICS Depart. and has spent much of the year travelling - getting computers ready for the Y2K switch-over, updating systems and people. He is Stake Sunday School President and Terry is ward Relief Society President.

    Briody is serving in the Geneva Switzerland Mission. If you get a chance, be sure to drop him a line - missionaries love mail. His address is:

    Elder Briody Sillito
    36 Rue Tivoli
    F-21000 Dijon, FRANCE

    From Sheila Sillito - I now have 10 grandchildren, the last one being born Nov. 23rd. That makes 5 boys and 5 girls. Iím so proud of all of them and of course they are all beautiful.

    I guess Iíll start at the top of the list and work my way down.

    Melissa and her husband Rob live in Magrath, AB. Rob is driving truck and Melissa is a dental assistant working for a dentist in Lethbridge. She is in the Primary Presidency and that keeps her very busy. (Editor: see more from Melissa & Rob below.)

    Rhonda and her husband Mike live in Red Deer, AB. Mike works for a radio station as a salesman. Rhonda has her own preschool and also sets up store displays for Molson. She likes it and gets to meet new people. Isaiah, their only child, is a dear little boy and is great to call up just to chat.

    Janice & her husband Fosa are still in South Jordan, Utah. Fosa works for the City of Salt Lake as a zoning inspector. They also own several apartment complexes, so that keeps Janice busy. She is in Homemaking in their ward and really enjoys that. Bolton, their oldest is 9 and loves basketball. He wants to play for the Utah Jazz when he grows up. Heidi is almost 8 and is a quiet little girl. Ciarre is 3 and a really big help to her Mom. Chases is 16 months and a real goer. Alexia is their new addition, so I havenít seen her yet. Iím sure weíll be getting pictures for Christmas.

    Nadean is the business manager at Dunlop Ford in Lethbridge and is doing really well for herself. She set a goal for herself that she would move up from reception to head of financing in 3 years and she made it in 2 years. So, Iím very proud of her.

    Dwayne is in California, but will be home for Christmas. He is hoping to get a work visa so he can go back and run the business my brother Bruce has there. So, Iím hoping things work out for Dwayne as he loves California.

    Tona is 17 and in her last year at high school. She hasnít decided what she is going to do when sheís out of school. I will certainly miss her if she goes off to school somewhere, but I guess thatís what growing up is all about.

    Dani is 15 and in grade 10. She loves going to dances and has a real good group of kids she hangs out with. She just totally loves life. (Editor: Iím sure Woody would be proud of his two beautiful daughters, as we are.)

    As for me, Iím still at the school here in Magrath, working as a cleaner. Iíll probably he there till they make me quit when I canít bend down to wash desks anymore. I like it there and the people I work with are a great bunch, so life is pretty good. Iím the Activities Committee Chairman for our ward, so that keeps me busy.

    From Melissa & Rob Hoy - We are fine and keeping busy. Here is a quick overview of what our kids have been up to this year.

    Savannah turned 13 in June and is definitely fitting into the "teen" role. She likes reading and listening to music. Last month she got braces. She has just finished a modelling course and she seemed to really enjoy it. We took her to a model scouting night and she was chosen to go to Seattle to be in a model showcase. She was pretty excited about it.

    Orrin started Kindergarten this fall. He love it! He already knew how to spell his name, numbers, colors and letters, so this is one big social party for him. When heís not a Kindergarten he loves to play with Lego, Batman and anything to do with "Star Wars" - his Kindergarten teacher tells me that he is the "King of Star Wars".

    Shelby is almost 4 now and loves to sing, dance, play dolls, dress-up, Barbies and anything else that is "for girls". She is always singing. She knows ALL the songs on the radio, T.V. and all of Savannahís CDs and when there is no music playing she makes up her own songs. She loves to wear dresses and make her hair look pretty.

    Emmett just turned 2 and has already become ruler of the nursery at Church. He is one of the youngest in there, but he takes no guff from anybody, especially if they are bigger than he is. He loves to wrestle, play hide and seek, color and watch TV. He copies anything that anybody says, which is always good for a few laughs.

    From Corey Sillito (Wadeís eldest son) - Just a short note to let you know how weíre doing. Justin just turned 7 yrs old and Jared will soon be turning 5 in a couple of months. Justin is in grade 1 and enjoys it and Jared is in preschool and also loves it.

    Carmen is still working in home care as a nurse as is doing well. I am still up at the hospital working in ICU. I have been made the education coordinator for the Respiratory Therapy Department. It has about 70 therapists and I am to make sure all education requirements are done etc. So, I finally got myself a desk and computer to work on here at the hospital. I use this one more than I do at home. I enjoy the new job and experience. We won't be up there for Christmas time this year; we may not make it up until March.

    From Donna (Kunkel) Jensen - We are all fine and seem to be kept very busy. I always thought when I got my age I would wander around the house wondering what to do with myself. Fat chance!!

    On Sun., Feb. 4th, 2 new wards were organized in West Kaysville, Utah and James will be the High Priest group leader in one of the new wards. He is excited to be working at the ward level again although he will surely miss his association with Stake people.

    Larry & Rae Marie Kunkel are in Salt Lake now and it is going to be so fun to have them close. There apartment is very close to the Family History Centre. The branch they go to meets in the Joseph Smith Building.

    The children are all doing well. The little grandsons are growing like weeds and our little granddaughter is just a sweetheart. Wendy is expecting again in June.

    Iíve started the "Sillito Family Album" and Iíve got one section on "Family Histories". Iím enjoying the work Iím doing with the photos.

    Lloyd & Jo have been in California and Arizona promoting the barn dance. They will be back here this week (Donna wrote on Feb. 9) and will spend a little time with us. We are looking forward to that.

    We got Curtis home safe and sound. He was pretty sick when he arrived. The doctor said it was a very bad case of bronchitis. He lost a lot of weight while in China. It took his brain quite awhile to adjust to being back home again. He has lots of stories to tell and he learned so much while he was there.

    EDITOR - we just received an email from Larry & Rae Marie. Here is whatís happening with them

    "We are well, busy, tired and having too much fun. The training is intense, but, we can see the end to that. Then the learning begins. Learning how much you don't know.

    We had a good visit with Boyd & Terry over "Chinese". Then we went to their place for dessert. (jam). We are still on Monday-Friday one more week, then we will start shift work. We have been assigned to the US/Canada floors. I can hardly wait. The weather has been strange...warm and wet...rain in the valley...snow in the mountains. That's all for now."

    Love Larry & Rae
    email: LarryKunkel@email.msn.com

    From "Doc" Wade Sillito

    Darren did get all of the Alberta Exams ,so he has been practicing with me. We are having a great time working together. We are setting up Seminars for a lot of sport clubs in town (Lethbridge). Last Sat. evening (Jan. 22) Darren, Jeff and I went to the big Prairie Baseball Academy Banquet in town where they had a lot of Canadian and American Baseball "big wigs" like coaches, trainers and some Pro Ball Players. This next Monday (Jan. 31) we are setting up a seminar for this same P.B.A. team to teach them proper biomechanics of throwing, pitching, etc. as well as potential injuries and how to care for them. These are all kids here on baseball scholarships going to the Lethbridge College and University. There are about 40 of them. Also, we are nearly finished the renovations to the back of the Clinic where we are expanding to include a rehab. center, therapy room, washroom and shower room.

    EDITOR: Wade, Linda and family have also just moved into the new home that they had built in Cardston. Congratulations - I know itís been awhile in coming. Iím anxious to see it - whenís the party????

    December 1999

    News from Donna (Kunkel) Jensen

    For those who do not know our son Curtis, he just graduated from high school and had an opportunity to go to Communist China and teach English to Chinese children. Curtis is a very adventurous young man and if this doesn't give him the adventure of a life time I don't think anything will.

    Curtis has had some good times and some not so good times. Their computer doesn't work so they found an Internet Cafe and he has us send his messages to a site there. The mail system isn't to bad, so we can also send him letters.

    They had their visa and passports taken away from them , so for a few days they were not sure if they would be sent home or not. Their passports have been returned to them now and should be good till it is time for them to come home.

    Curtis has been very sick with a really bad cold. He said when he coughed he felt like he was coughing up his organs, but he is doing better now.

    He is in X'ian, China, which is a communist country so there are rules they have to keep such as being in at 8:00 every night. The Church is not recognized in China so they are not allowed to say or do anything as far as the Church goes. If anyone asks him about that all he can say is that they are Christians. There are a couple of humanitarian missionaries there and they have their Sunday meetings with them. To get where they are, they travel by bus for 1 and 1\2 hours then by taxi for 1/2 hour one way. He says it's that or not go to church.

    He is not too far from the Great Wall of China and hopes to get there before he comes home. He says the food is something else but has found a pizza stand that serves you pizza with corn and Spam on it.

    Angels, Once in a While

    In September 1960, I woke up one morning with six hungry babies and just 75 cents in my pocket. Their father was gone. The boys ranged from three months to seven years; their sister was two. Their Dad had never been much more than a presence they feared. Whenever they heard his tires crunch on the gravel driveway they would scramble to hide under their beds. He did manage to leave $15 a week to buy groceries. Now that he had decided to leave, there would be no more beatings, but no food either. If there was a welfare system in effect in southern Indiana at that time, I certainly knew nothing about it. I scrubbed the kids until they looked brand new and then put on my best homemade dress. I loaded them into the rusty old 51 Chevy and drove off to find a job. The seven of us went to every factory, store and restaurant in our small town. No luck. The kids stayed, crammed into the car and tried to be quiet while I tried to convince whomever would listen that I was willing to learn or do anything. I had to have a job. Still no luck.

    The last place we went to, just a few miles out of town, was an old Root Beer Barrel drive-in that had been converted to a truck stop. It was called the Big Wheel. An old lady named Granny owned the place and she peeked out of the window from time to time at all those kids. She needed someone on the graveyard shift, 11 at night until seven in the morning. She paid 65 cents an hour and I could start that night. I raced home and called the teenage down the street that baby-sat for people. I bargained with her to come and sleep on my sofa for a dollar a night. She could arrive with her pajamas on an the kids would already be asleep. This seemed like a good arrangement to her, so we made a deal.

    That night when and the little ones and I knelt to say our prayers we all thanked God for finding Mommy a job. And so I started at the Big Wheel. When I got home in the mornings I woke the baby-sitter up and sent her home with one dollar of my tip money - fully half of what I averaged every night.

    As the weeks went by heating bills added another strain to my meager wage. The tires on the old Chevy had the consistency of penny balloons and began to leak. I had to fill them with air on the way to work and again every morning before I could go home.

    One bleak fall morning, I dragged myself to the car to go home and found four tires in the back seat. New tires! There was no note, no nothing, just those beautiful brand new tires. Had angels taken up residence in Indiana? I wondered. I made a deal with the owner of the local service station. In exchange for his mounting the new tires, I would clean up his office. I remember it took me a lot longer to scrub his floor than it did for him to do the tires. I was now working six nights instead of five and it still wasn't enough. Christmas was coming and I knew there would be no money for toys for the kids. I found a can of red paint and started repairing and painting some old toys. Then I hid them in the basement so there would be something for Santa to deliver on Christmas morning.

    Clothes were a worry too. I was sewing patches on top of patches on the boys pants and soon they would be too far gone to repair.

    On Christmas Eve the usual customers were drinking coffee in the Big Wheel. These were the truckers, Les, Frank, and Jim, and a state trooper named Joe. A few musicians were hanging around after a gig at the Legion and were dropping nickels in the pinball machine. The regulars all just sat around and talked through the wee hours of the morning and then left to get home before the sun came up.

    When it was time for me to go home at seven o'clock on Christmas morning I hurried to the car. I was hoping the kids wouldn't wake up before I managed to get home and get the presents from the basement and place them under the tree. (We had cut down a small cedar tree by the side of the road down by the dump.) It was still dark and I couldn't see much, but there appeared to be some dark shadows in the car, or was that just a trick of the night?

    Something certainly looked different, but it was hard to tell what. When I reached the car I peered warily into one of the side windows. Then my jaw dropped in amazement. My old battered Chevy was ful, full to the top with boxes of all shapes and sizes. I quickly opened the driver's side door, scrambled inside and kneeled in the front facing the back seat. Reaching back, I pulled off the lid of the top box. Inside was a whole case of little blue jeans, sizes 2-10! I looked inside another box: It was full of shirts to go with the jeans. Then I peeked inside some of the other boxes: There were candy and nuts and bananas and bags of groceries. There was an enormous ham for baking, and canned vegetables and potatoes. There was pudding and Jell-O and cookies, pie filling and flour. There was a whole bag of laundry supplies and cleaning items. And there were five toy trucks and one beautiful little doll. As I drove back through empty streets as the sun slowly rose on the most amazing Christmas Day of my life, I was sobbing with gratitude. And I will never forget the joy on the faces of my little ones that precious morning. Yes, there were angels in Indiana that long-ago December. And they all hung out at the Big Wheel truck stop.

    September 1999

    Medals and Ribbons

    About a year ago, David and I joined the Springbank Heritage Club, which is a club for people over 55. Some of our members have been involved with the Alberta Seniors' Games and Roy, our co-ordinator for the games, kept encouraging me to enter some of my handiwork in the Creative Arts Section. I finally decided to give it a try although I usually don't enter in competitions.

    The province is divided into 8 Zones, so my entries went for competition in our zone first (Zone 2). I entered 7 items, won 2-1st place ribbons, 2-2nd place ribbons and 1-3rd place ribbon. The 1st and 2nd place items then went to compete against the other zones. I was fortunate enough to receive a silver medal for an afghan I made. David and I attended the 11th Alberta Seniors' Games held in Olds/Didsbury from July 25-28 and had a great time. I received my medal at a special ceremony and we were invited to a reception afterwards for all medal winners. I was pleased that our daughter, Bonnie, her husband , Tim, and their children, Spencer, Katrina and Tatiana came up to witness the event. We had no idea they were coming, so it was a nice surprise!

    Premier Ralph Klein was in attendance at the closing ceremonies on Wed. afternoon.

    News From Boyd Sillito

    Banyan is starting a new job with the Internet company e-Bay on Mon., 2 Aug 99. Broman is starting a new job with Discover Card. Baylen has a job offer from a local Care Center. Bergan will be in High School this year Brinden will be in Jr. High School - NO MORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KIDS - WOW!

    News from Bonnie (Walters) McKinnon

    Hello Everyone,

    This is Bonnie trying out our new web page with some news about my family (well, my children anyway).

    Tatiana (6 years old) played in a soccer tournament this spring and was excited about the medal she won. She was even more excited when at the end of her regular season, she got a trophy. All the "types" got one and she displays it proudly in her room.

    Katrina (9 years old) was also in soccer this year. Her team didn't have a very good season, ending 7th out of 8 teams. However, when they got to the play-offs, they turned up the heat because they ended up coming in 4th out of 16 teams (2 divisions playing off), and won a copper medal for it.

    Spencer (11 years old) is also in soccer (so, you can see we were going 3 different directions sometimes). His team did really well; they came in first place and won the gold medal for all of Calgary. The first and second place teams for the city go on to Edmonton for the Provincial Play-offs in Sept. Between now and then, he has a tournament in Linden, Alberta, one in Lethbridge and many practices and fun games against other Calgary teams. Then indoor soccer will start and he enjoys that more than outdoor soccer, so we will still be at it.

    I can tell this is going to be fun!


    (Editor's note: these 3 children are our grand children and we are very proud of them. Not only did they do well in soccer, but all three of them did very well in school this past year. Tatiana, who just finished grade 1 is reading at a grade 6 level. Katrina, who will be going into grade 5 and Spencer, who will be going into grade 6, are both doing equally as well. -Rena)

    May 1999

    The Dale Orr Family News

    I received an email from Dale and was pleased and surprised. This Internet is GREAT!

    Dale is back in the Bishopric as 1st Counselor

    Peggy is teaching Mia Maids, singing in the choir. She is also the Director of WomenĻs Services and Risk Manager at the hospital.

    Darin is back from New Jersey and living in San Francisco working as CPA with Deloitte and Touche and doing very well. He and Sandra had their third child; a boy after two girls (we would like more information, please Dale; name, birthdate etc. - from Rena).

    Steve is working for a non-profit home for boys. He is in the accounting dept. after starting as a cottage manager. He has a long commute (worse than DaleĻs 95 miles) but they live closest (45 minutes) to us and that is good, though Janice must drive here to her work.

    Michael is 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric in the Santa Monica area. At Thanksgiving he obtained the results of the bar exam taken last July - just as he and Kathy had their second baby; a boy to go with their girl (more info for me Dale - from Rena), the new bishopric job. He did pass and is now a dreaded attorney.

    Matt finished his first year of law school last year, second in his class at USD and with that credential transferred to Berkley. He just finished his first semester there so has three to go. He has a job with an excellent firm here in San Diego for the summer.

    Sara is in Provo at UVSC. She is doing well in school but having so much fun, may never get out. She is contemplating veterinary school and working part time at a clinic - I think so she can get her cat care, free. All that, only if there is no interference with her pass to the ski slope. She plans to transfer to BYU next fall to finish up.

    December 1998

    Letter from Kim

    I received the following letter from Kim (Shurtz) Malacko, who is the daughter of Nola and Byron and the granddaughter of Auntie LaVon (Granny). I was very execited when I received your letter, Kim. Thank you so much for information about your family.

    Here is her letter, sent to me in Oct.:

    Adam has been on his mission for 6 months already. He is serving in the Oklahoma City Mission and absolutely loves it. We can't believe the change in him in just 6 short months - he cooks, he cleans (even toilets) - he reads - he writes letters gushing with gratitude and expressions of love - and never complains. Wow!!

    Husband, Jim, is still Pres. of Lethbridge Softball Association and still running the Softball Valley down at Peenaquim Park. If anyone wants to find out about tournaments, he's the man to call. He has also started hockey season and is neck deep in our house renovations.

    Cody (14) has recently received recognition for a descriptive paragraph he wrote in his language arts class at school. Here it is - you don't have to print it Rena, but I just wanted to share it with you - it's a "mom thing", I guess. (Editor's Note - I am including it so the rest of the family gets a chance to read it as well.)

    "Away from the sounds of the city and the traffic rush was a hill covered in dark green cool grass. Centered on top of the hill stood an apple tree, old yet young in season, holding hundreds of round, ripe apples. Each leaf brightly colored a light green. Under that tree sat an old, gray, wrinkled man. His slightly humped back rested on the tree trunk. Everything about him was withered and worn; his straw hat that relaxed on the top of his head, his white Sunday shirt that he wore quite loosely, his brown vest and matching pants. His heavy black shoes were set aside to let his toes wiggle freely with the soft, perfect breeze. His left hand lay on his knee, holding an old novel. In his right, a bitten apple colored the color of blood. The man was happy, his smile shone like the sun above him, his teary eyes were sharp blue like the cloudless sky that was all around him. He sat there very pleased , with dozens of fallen apples. Then all at once he closed his eyes and let go of his book and apple, but his smile stayed and was wide as ever. The last few hours might have been the best of his life."

    Kelli (17) is busy working two jobs. She's anxious to get her drivers' license now that she has a car. She the social butterfly and never at home.

    Ginger (23) is also working two jobs, runs a children's book club, has three private art students, volunteers at the school to help children with their reading and is our Primary chorister. Sheesh!!

    I am still working in the Primary and loving it. It's the place to be! I recently took a trip to Kansas (where I was only 3 hours away from Adam) to accompany a friend to meet a gentleman for the first time whom she had met on the Internet. She introduced him to the Church over cyberspace and he called to invite her to his baptism. We coulnd't resist so away we went. They have since gotten married and she has moved to Kansas. I have taken over her old job, which is a nice promotion for me to Office Manager, but I sure do miss my friend.

    She and I, along with one other friend have recently self-published a book called, " The Fabric of Our Lives" which is a collection of short stories and poems. We are doing quite well selling it, although we didn't intend it to be a money-making effort, but we are on our third printing already. I have a story about Granny (LaVon) and her button jar in the book.

    Anyway , that's certainly enough news for now (I'm sure you're glad I only write once every fifteen years).

    Thanks again for all you do to keep the family closer together. It's much appreciated, even if it takes me a month to read the Screamer.

    Love - Kim Malacko

    Thank again Kim for sending your news and for your kind words.

    Letter from Gay

    Also in Oct. I recieved some news from Gay (Sillito) Saurwein. (I told you I get all my news as soon as I send a Screamre out.) Here is Gay's news:

    You may recall about a year ago I put an announcement in the Screamer on behalf of the Alfred Sillito family asking for donations to replace the headstone on Grandma Rebecca (Derricott) Sillito-Woods's grave in Orton. We received several donations from the Joe Sillito family and we would like to thank those who contributed. These were combined with donations from the Alf Sillito family and we were able to purchase new headstones for Grandma Rebecca and also for her second husband, Frederick Wood. We wanted to put in a headstone for Moses Sillito, but no one seems to know where his grave is in the Orton Cemetery. We have contacted those in charge of the cemetery and they have no record of where his plot is, so we did Frederick's instead. If anyone knows where Moses is buried, please let Rena know. Maybe someday we can collect again and get a headstone for him. Thank!

    Marlise and Ted Sillito once again had company from Germany this past summer. This time it was Marlise's brother, Franz and his companion, Annaleise. They stayed for month and really had a wonderful time. They even managed to get in a Barn Dance and love it!

    Speaking of Ted and Marlise, we were sorry to hear that their holiday trailer burned down in September, just outside of Waterton. Since insurance covered it, they have since replaced it and are once again "Happy Campers"

    Gay and Bob Saurwein are once again wintering in Mesa, Arizona, so as you can see, Bob is making good use of his retirement from Safeway. They spent the summer camping and attending Reunions and enjoying their new-found freedom.


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